Volume 1, Issue 2

October 2013

Welcome to the General View! This year marks the inauguration of the General View, a student-run newsletter. Cycle 3 students interview teachers and students to bring you an insider's look at the goings on of "a small school with a big heart."

Thanksgiving thanksgiving

October 11, 2013

Thanksgiving Celebration
This celebration shows what Thanksgiving is really all about. Students participated, either in the school choir or by reading poems. We have a whole lot to be thankful for our family, our friends, our teachers and so much more. Thank you to Mrs. Kelly
for organizing this ceremony.

By Tedario S.

mXIIt's in the Bag!

The students from cycle two bagged at a local Maxi grocery store. It was so fun because our friends were there and we knew we were doing a good deed for our school! We bagged all day, but first we had to learn the rules of grocery bagging! We raised a lot of money and we did it for school events like the grade 6 graduation and the school’s special field trips for all grades!

By: Kayla

Histoires Hantées

Les histoires effrayantes de l'Halloween chez les 6e années.
Nous, les élèves de la 6e année, avons commencé à composer des histoires de fantômes et de maisons hantées, depuis déjà la mi-octobre. Il y avait plusieurs genres d’histoires comme des histoires longues, courtes et effraillantes. On devait penser à une histoire, écrire le plan, écrire le brouillon, écrire la copie finale, et enfin taper l'histoire sur l'ordinateur. Ça pourrait sembler facile, mais c’est un procès long et difficile, écrie une histoire de cinq pages!
Je trouve que c’était très amusant parce que j’adore écrire des histoires. Voici quelques commentaitres des élèves de la classe:
"C’était amusant a écrire l’histoire et penser a l’histoire mais c’était difficile.ʺ - Alex
"J’adore écrire des histoires, alors ce projet était amusant.’’ - Christopher

Walk Like an... Egyptian!egypt

This month, grade 5 students started working on a theme that really got them excited! And, being in grade 5 myself, I can admit that I was just as excited as everyone else. We did a project on Ancient Egypt!! We reasearched on the Internet and found a lot of information on the god or godess that we did it on. We also had fun drawing the god or godess! We now have them in site on the bulletin board so come and view them on Parent Teacher Interview Night!

By Julia F.

The Grade 6 Newsroom

Hello parents of General Vanier students it’s me Massimo and I’m back with more information of what’s going in the grade 6 classrooms. We have all been practicing our literacy skills and an oral is just the way to perfect them. The oral is about a news topic that we have newschosen to share with the class. At first it was a little difficult finding a topic that would interest the entire class. Everybody always gets nervous and I don’t get why. I love presenting in front of the class especially when there is a Power Point presentation involved.

The projects were very interesting because kids too want to know what’s going on in world. I know I do. We will have more orals to present and by the end of the year we will be speaking and presenting like Martin Luther King. That’s all for the grade 6 class this month.





October 31, 2013
Halloween is and always will be fun! Students get to play carnival games in the gym and the classes. The games are prepared by the 6th graders. A special thanks to all of you guys!

Parent volunteers were all around, helping the grade 6 students with the activities and they were also giving out candy to all the students.

My personal favourite is BINGO!!!! Students get to play bingo with haltheir friends and get to win prizes. Grade 5 gets to help grade 1 and grade 6 helps the kindergarteners.

On Halloween, GV is definitely the place to be!!!!!!!!!

By Kayla and Tedario!


About Us...

Grades 5 and 6 are part of a newspaper club. Well, not everyone, but certain people that like writing!
It is a fun activity for students and takes place once a week, at lunch, for one hour.
I am Julia F., and that's my view!


Projects for the Pros!halloween

The grade two students have done an oral on Halloween. What a spooktacular kind of presentation!

They also petsdid an interesting project on their favorite pet! The students were asked to choose their favourite pet and present all about it.

As you can see, grade two is getting many orals! We’re Victoria and Jordana, and that’s our view!

Grade 3 Pumpkin Patch

The grade three students have done a pumpkin project. They were asked to make a booklet about pumpkins.  


Some students were asked to do a guided reading with a Miss Gillian. They also each took turns reading a book to the class.

We’re Victoria and Jordana , and that’s our view!

Projet sur les fruits et les légumes

Les enfants de la maternelle on fait un projet sur les fruits et les légumes. Ils ont choisit un fruit ou un légume qui commence par une voyelle. Ensuite, ils ont essayé de faire la classe deviner quel fruit ou légume ils ont choisi.

Grade 4

First up in October, the grade 4 students have started to do a reading response every week. They choose a book, read it, and respond to questions like: What was the main idea? Who was the main character? They’re learning how to make a “juicy paragraph” by using the hamburger method. They finished off the month with the Halloween party!

We’re Victoria and Jordana, and that’s our view!

Halloween with kindergarten

On Halloween the kindergartens had a mini scary party. They watched Hotel Transylvania. They had so much fun that day eating candy and watching scary but fun movies. That’s how kindergartens spent their Halloween with Miss Rosina and Madame Sandra.

By Arianna K. and Maya B.