Volume 1, Issue 4

December 2013 and January 2014

Welcome to the General View! This year marks the inauguration of the General View, a student-run newsletter. Cycle 3 students interview teachers and students to bring you an insider's look at the goings on of "a small school with a big heart."

Rosemont’s best concert yet!

December 10, 2013
Grade nine students from Rosemont came to play beautiful Christmas music such as Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells, and Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer! About thirty students from Rosemont came with about 15 unique instruments! The two marvelous music teachers conducting the band were Miss Beth and Mister Mangal. The best part was when students in the gym were picked to play instruments for some of the songs! There was even a sixth grader who got to conduct the band! What a great day, and everyone enjoyed the music and tunes! I’m Giuliano Verdone, and that`s my view!

Cycle Three’s Trip to The Museum of Fine Arts: Venice Expedition

December 13, 2013
All cycle three students at General Vanier had a great opportunity to visit a Venice expedition in the Museum of Fine Arts, where there was full of beautiful paintings and ancient artifacts from Venice itself! The tour guides were explaining all about the history of Venice, how it changed over the years, and what Venice would celebrate that made their “city of islands” so special. After the expedition, students went to the workshop to make their own Venice carnival masks! It seems as if the students had so much fun, and the day went by so fast!
Until next time, I’m Giuliano Verdone, and that’s my view!

Code Green Toy Donationtoys

On December 17, three members of the code green club went with Ms. Gregus to the Joujouthèque toy library. For two weeks, the code green committee had been collecting used toys to donate to the toy library. Thanks to the generous students of General Vanier, Code Green collected two huge boxes full of toys to donate! I was one of the students to bring the toys to Joujouthèque, and it felt really good to give toys to children who don’t have enough money to buy them.
Everybody should get a chance to play right?
I’m Jordana, and that’s my view!

Order in the Classroom

Grab a fresh pair of underwear, a suit, and a suitcase! It is time to have a debate. The sixth grade classes are having debates with very interesting topics like “If homework should be banned,” “Are eTools (electronic devices) helpful to human relations,” “Should kids watch “R” rated movies,” and “Should there be k-8 schools.” This was something newly introduced because we actually had a debate with points, rebuttals, and three judges. Talk about pressure! The debates were 10-15 minutes long and one was  even 30 minutes long! It was worth it, because it kept us interested through the facts and the rebuttals and the replies, ouf! It was a fun experience and I hope we do it again. Order in the class room! The judges have decided! 
Reported by Massimo C.

GV Puts On Their PJs And Gets Ready To Eat Some Breakfast!

Article By: Giuliano Iantomasi!

General Vanier Elementary School just put on a super fun day where all students from kindergarten to grade 6 wore their pajamas to school! But that’s not all! All students also got a full day of playing with friends in their classrooms and a huge breakfast for free!!!For breakfast we had pancakes, potatoes, sausages, a variety of fruits, a chocolate milk and last but not least a candy cane!!! That was a really generous thought of General Vanier and all students appreciate it!! (Says Ella Iantomasi from grade 3A)! And that’s what this Viewer Viewed!

THREE,TWO,ONE, BLAST OFF with the fourth graders!

The fourth graders have started January fresh and new! They have started to read a new novel. In math, they started to learn all about division. To add to the excitement, the fourth graders have started to learn about everybody’s favorite topic, OUTER SPACE! Let’s hope our little astronauts don’t go to space until after they graduate…
We’re Jordana and Victoria and that’s our view!

A Quilt for Miss Linda: Interview with Laura Marra

We asked General Vanier parent Laura Marra a few questions about the top-secret project that the GV community has been working on, for Ms. Linda. 
- What inspired you to make a quilt? 
She was inspired from a Canadian Living magazine article, where she read stories of women who have gone through challenges. One of them was about a lady whose community made her a quilt that she kept with her all the time. Ms. Marra also said that she is proud of GV's big heart.
- Why did you choose to make a quilt? 
A quilt is a blanket with small squares of fabric stitched together, so the students could write messages on each square and then, with the help of volunteers, the squares would get stitched together.
- What’s on the quilt? Why?
It is a message put together using many messages. The message is: G.V. {heart} Linda.


Written by Tedario; typed by Priscilla

About Us...

Grades 5 and 6 are part of a newspaper club. Well, not everyone, but certain people that like writing!
It is a fun activity for students and takes place at lunch for one hour.
I am Julia F., and that's my view!



Art Classes

Some students participate in a lunch time activity. They make all types of art and every month they create different things. This club (activity) is a great way for kids to improve their creativity!
By: Julia F.

GV at Ronald McDonald House

On December 12, the students of General Vanier Elementary School in St. Léonard brought a smile to the residents of the Ronald McDonald House. General Vanier has partnered with Aramark Catering, Lafrenaie, Charcuterie Noël, LT Traiteur and Unik Chocolates to prepare and serve a hearty lunch for the residents of the house.

Oh no... our little kindergartens have been turned into  MONSTERS!

This month the kindergardens have been working on monsters. They have colored a monster of their choice then took a picture and put it as their monster's head. They seem to like monsters and like to play monsters at recess. I’ve never seen kindergarten students so happy! By Arianna and Maya


A Spirit- Filled Day at General Vanier!

 In early December, Dyanmix came to play some fun activities with Cycle one, two and three, and see which class in each grade had the most spirit and enthusiasm!  The trick to the activities was to work with the whole class, and to show their spirit, the classes had to follow the objectives of each game, and the best part was every single student had a chance to participate! No one was left out, and everyone had so much fun! You were able to tell because everyone was shouting! It must have been tons of fun!
I’m Giuliano Verdone, and that’s my view!


The Big Winner Is…

The annual raffle draw was a hit this year! Many winners were surprised and excited to hear their names being called to win a prize. A lot of people were pleased and smiley when they won something. Not everyone won but I could still see their cheerful happy face!
By : Julia F.


In a class room where things are brewing up. Something big is coming. That big thing is Storytelling. Storytelling is a great way for the cycle 3 students to open up their imagination and share myths, urban legends, fairytales, and personal experiences. In the past years there were amazing, interesting, and SCARY stories and I’m sure this year will be even better. I’m sure we are all excited to hear what stories the cycle 3 will share this year.

Italian project

Over in the Italian class, the marvelous grade 5 are doing a project on their favourite sport like baseball, basketball, soccer, bocce ect. Grade 5 started presenting their projects on January 14. Let me say, I am pretty impressed with their work! Good job grade 5!