Volume 1, Issue 5

February 2014

Welcome to the General View! This year marks the inauguration of the General View, a student-run newsletter. Cycle 3 students interview teachers and students to bring you an insider's look at the goings on of "a small school with a big heart."
Please keep in mind that this is a dynamic page, updated on a weekly basis - so check back every week to see our latest updates!

Grade 6 Winter Trip

villemarieThis month the grade 6 students went on their winter trip. They stayed at Camp Ville-Marie for three days and two nights. There were all sorts of activities such as tubing, snowshoeing (with a great view at the end of the trail), ice games, campfires and snow forts and a PARTY!! It was loads of fun! We thought that this trip was a blast and we would like to go back anytime. Mikaela said “It was fun and wouldn’t change a thing.” Massy said “Everything was amazing!” Kevin agreed: “IT WAS EXTRAORDINARY!!” Alex said “I loved being with my friends and the activities were super fun.” The grade six students, as you can see, loved it all!

Spreading the love at GV!heart

Friday, February 14 was a love-filled Valentine’s Day! It was dress down day and all students wore a pink or red piece of clothing. GV students also had to donate one or two dollars or more to a charity. Valentine’s Day was loads of fun and we got chocolate milk and candy. Love was surely in the air at General Vanier!
We’re Victoria and Jordana, and that’s our view! 

Huggies Project

hugsGV along with many other EMSB schools collected toys for sick children at the Montreal Children's Hospital for Valentine's Day. It was so nice to see the smile on their faces as they were given their new Lego or Barbie!  On February 14, some of our very own GV students accompanied Miss Maria Iacono to the hospital to give out the toys we collected.








Happy Valentine's Day!                                 

Class rules: Sit, stay, and appreciate!

Teachers Appreciation Week was February 3 to 7. All week long, teachers were showered in gifts for being such wonderful educators! They got treats everyday at lunch and recess for the whole week; they were given prizes, flowers and several gifts from students. "Everything was very well appreciated, put smiles on our faces and we enjoyed being pampered for a week" said Mrs. Rosa and Miss V from class 5A and 5B. Our teachers do so much for us, so it’s nice that we can dedicate a whole week to their greatness! appreciation
We love you teachers, and to prove it, here are some messages from the General View Journalism Club:

  • "Dear parents and students, this week is teacher appreciation week. I am so grateful for the teachers here at General Vanier. They are so calm and nice. They actually make math exciting for us students. I appreciate the fact that all teachers are the way they are. I wouldn’t change a thing about our lovely teachers." – Kayla Marcovecchio 5A  
  • "Dear teachers, I am so grateful that I have all of you to help me learn new things. You have all taught me so much, not just academic things but also things about how the world works. If it weren’t for you, I would be completely unprepared for all of life’s obstacles.  I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you." –Jordana Rizzo 5A
  • "I am very thankful for the extraordinary things you teach me every day. I am so grateful and extremely happy! Thank-you for being the greatest!" –Julia Franco 5B
  • "I am so privileged to have such great teachers that support me when I need help with work! Sincerely,  Giuliano V. 5B"
  • Click here to read a letter from a parent to the GV staff

So you see, teachers are really appreciated here at GV!

We’re Christina and Jordana, and that’s our view!

Daycare Bake Sale

bakesaleThe daycare asked parents to donate some baked goodies to raise money for the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the Cancer Society of Canada. Students and parents had the opportunity to buy some treats at lunchtime and also after school. We personally think that the bake sale was an incredibly great idea! We raised 795.00$ dollars: 300.00$ went to the Cancer Society and 495.00$ to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. It was so fun to sell (and to eat) all those goodies! The bake sale was so successful, and everybody loved it. Parents even bought treats for their children or families at home.
From the three daycare musketeers Priscilla, Arianna and Maya.

Books and poems show how much G.V. loves to read!

General Vanier loves reading and every year we prove it by having I LOVE TO READ WEEK! On Tuesday February 18th, the grade 5 students read to grade 1 and grade 6 read to grade 3. On Wednesday, all the students wore interesting words pinned to their shirts. On Friday, the storytellers that were chosen from their class got to present their stories in front of the entire school.

By Julia F.

Skating and Beaver Tail Treats

skateOn Monday February 24, we went to the Roberto Luongo Arena to skate. It was so much fun! Students who had some skating experience were flying and speeding with their friends. Even though some may have fallen, I am sure they had a great time too! The great skaters and others were helping the others learn.
The younger kids (gr K,1,2,and 3) skated first. When they were done and eating their special treat (Beaver Tails!), it was our turn. I t was very exciting! Even though I fell (once!) I had a blast! When we came back, we had  sugar coated  awesome treats as well. Mr. Patrick Marcovecchio came to GV with his BEAVERTAILBeavertail truck! Everyone enjoyed the beavertails.

It was a memorable day for everyone!

By Tedario and Massimo




Une histoire
à raconter

Les classes de 6A et 6B ont raconté des histoires merveilleuses avec beacoup de détails et les élèves étaient très expressifs. Il y avait toutes sortes d’histoires. Plusieurs personnes ont choisi les livres « Monsieur » et « Madame » ou des fables, et un livre de l’auteur Robert Munch. Les histoires étaient vraiment intéressantes et amusantes.

New Projects and New Beginnings!

planetsGrade four has started February in an out of this world manner! They are learning about SPACE! They are working on a project on planets. They have to choose a planet and talk all about it. They started learning about space in January and now their teachers are testing their knowledge. They are also learning how to use a dictionary, and will have to create their own space dictionary.  That’s what’s going on in grade four!
We’re Victoria and Jordana
and that’s our view!

Report Cards


On February 27 all students will be receiving their report cards. Students are doing their best to get the best marks possible! Everybody is trying to make the grade! Don’t worry kids, your report cards will only have good comments! (Hopefully)
We’re Victoria and Jordana and that’s our view!

Winter Carnival!

We are so excited because the winter carnival is coming soon! It will be taking place on February 26, 2014. There will be skating, tubing, sledding and other physical activities. The carnival was organized by Miss Enza the gym educator.


UPDATE: Everybody had a great time!
We interviewed Megan and she said that she liked it because she loves going tubing.

Calling all athletes

karateGeneral Vanier has big news. A Canadian Karate champion has arrived. His name is Alexandru Sorin. He showed some kids awesome Karate moves and he also told GV kids his life story. We were so amazed at his story and how much he trained to become an athlete and achieve his biggest dreams!
By: Arianna K and Julia F


Book Fair


Just one week after "I love to read" week, GV hosted a book fair! We recently interviewed students in grades 4-5: Out of 51 people, 39 of them liked reading and 12 said they didn’t like reading - clearly, the readers are just as excited for the book fair as we are!