Volume 1, Issue 6

March 2014

Welcome to the General View! This year marks the inauguration of the General View, a student-run newsletter. Cycle 3 students interview teachers and students to bring you an insider's look at the goings on of "a small school with a big heart."

Please keep in mind that this is a dynamic page, updated on a weekly basis - so check back every week to see our latest updates!

Spring Break

March 3 to 7, 2014
The first week of March was a welcome break - almost as welcome as spring (is it here yet?)!
We are now back at school, and getting back in the swing of things... read on!

The Green Fever is Here

March 17, 2014 shamrock

St.Patrick’s day is the time the green fever spreads and everyone loves it: green hats, pants, shirts, shoes and any other piece of clothing you can think of. It might have been an ordinary school day, but there was something different about it... Maybe it was the green, because I saw lots of nice designs and even some tattoos (fake) and makeup. My friend Kevin made me smile with his green golf hat and giant sparkly green bow tie.

The story of St.Patrick is a wonderful one with a good moral. It is how he becomes a saint. The way the story is told is that St.Patrick saved a poor village that didn’t have much food from a bunch of snakes attacking a potato farm. St.Patrick scaring them away with his cane, hence why he became a Saint.

Our school was full of green and joy. The fact that we celebrate this in school is amazing.

* Hey did you know -- that the original color of St.Patrick’s day was blue but later on in the years changing to green.

Description: Vanier.jpgHave you ever wondered who General Vanier was? Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/95/John_Ross_Mclean.jpg/220px-John_Ross_Mclean.jpg

You probably did right? Before our school opened, it belonged to a French school board. In August 2000 it re-opened as an EMSB school. For the inauguration of the school, the Royal Canadian Legion District Commander Mrs. Patricia Crichton spoke to the students about the great man their school was named after, General Georges Philéas Vanier. He participated in both World Wars. He was born on April 23 1888 in a town in Montreal , Little Burgundy. In the war, he replaced Vincent Massey, who also lends his name to a local high school that some of our graduates attend.
I am Tedario, and that's my view.
Pictured: Vanier (seated left) with John Mclean, Lester B. Pearson, and Vincent Massey(seated right)  at Canada House, London, 1938.

General Vanier Leadership Camp

March 27-28, 2014

It all started on March 27, at 8 o’clock, when students from the Dynamix group were getting everything on the bus to drive off to Camp Papillion, or as the school calls it, Leadership Camp! Leadership camp was a reward to our awesome Dynamix leaders from cycle three! Although the bus ride was an hour and a half, everyone was chatting, and there were two other schools on the trip as well. In the camp we were all separated into three groups: The Bionix, The Power Movers, and the Beastly Blueberries! At camp, students cooperated in many different activities that were occasionally strategic, fun, and created strong bonds! Each and every one of these activities involved the cooperation of everyone in the team. The leaders at this camp were three fun and entertaining leaders who had all ten qualities they needed and were teaching us about them. These three leaders where: Oren, Jay and Andria! All of the leaders at the camp were creative, assertive and enthusiastic! In fact two of our own leaders from General Vanier won two out of three certificates that were won by two of our best friends: Christina for creativity  and Kayla  for assertiveness! This was an awesome experience for both of us and we can’t wait for next year!
Were Giuliano Iantomasi, and Giuliano Verdone and that is our view everybody!

Should GV have plants inside our school?

General Vanier plantsis always working on new ways to help out our environment. Why not put plants inside the school? There are millions of different types of plants that we can put in our school. Also, due to allergies, we can have plants that don't contain any pollen. Plants can also reduce the risk of sickness, and they clean oxygen, which will create a healthier environment for students. We can also let the students take turns taking care of the plants, which can teach them valuable independence and responsibility skills. Did you know that everything we eat comes directly or indirectly from plants? How cool! This is just another way for GV to become more eco-friendly, and can be a fun project for the whole school!
I'm Jordana, and that's my view!

Calling All Junior Scientists!scifair

March 20, 2014

Calling all scientists to the laboratory! General Vanier's annual science fair is March 20! All participants are hard at work, trying to create the best project they can. They have studied a great amount of time and are ready to present! Of course, everybody wants to win, but everyone's mostly in it for the fun and knowledge. GV students will really show how intelligent they are. We can't wait to see all those amazing projects! Good luck to all!
We're Julia F. and Jordana, and that's our view!

Our greatest experience!!!

My favorite experience in G.V was when I won the Science Fair. My topic was Les Herbes et les Épices. My partner was Julia.F. We won 3rd place! We were so surprised that we won that we screamed extremely loud. Now we are heading off to the Science Fair Regionals and we are so exited.
Now a point of view from Julia’s side: "I really enjoyed doing the Science Fair with Priscilla. She was a wonderful partner! When I heard that we won bronze, I was ecstatic."

Student Teacher Spotlight: Miss. V

Miss. V wants to be a teacher because she wants to help the kids learn to be smart and great people. She wants to teach every grade but she can’t so she will teach in the grade that she gets hired for. She likes when kids understand the work and enjoy work she also enjoys when the kids ask questions. She loves when they succeed in their work.
Did you know... her favorite teacher was in grade 10 (Sec.3)!

Should we have a sports team to represent our school?soccer

bballG.V students absolutely love sports. Everyone I know loves gym and playing, so why doesn’t G.V have an official sports team? 17 students and a few teachers said that they want an official basketball team, 10 students said tennisthey wanted an official soccer team and 1 grade 1 (Samuel) said he wanted an official tennis team. So G.V’s answer is yes we should have an official sports team!
I’m Kayla and that’s my view!

About Us...

Grades 5 and 6 are part of a newspaper club. Well, not everyone, but certain people that like writing!
It is a fun activity for students and takes place at lunch for one hour.
I am Julia F., and that's my view!

Free Pizza Tastes Delicious!

March 13, 2014

After all the complex projects and continued effort each student put in their work so far, we finally got rewarded with a great, delicious treat, pizza! Each student got two slices of pizza, one white, and one tomato. Even better, students were served a tall glass of orange Fruitopia! What was interesting was everyone ate their slices and drank up their drinks so fast; it seems as if they were in a competition to see who finished first! What an unexpected great treat on an average Thursday!
We're Michael James, and Giuliano Verdone, and that’s our view!

What should General Vanier Students Experience Next?

Cycle three students from General Vanier have been experiencing some amazing Field trips! The rest of the school is in for some treats as well! However, what will they plan on doing? What’s the occasion? Since there’s only term three left of the school year, students have been thinking of celebrating something big and bold! What should the younger students do? Will Cycle Three be amused as well? Our question goes on to the head planners of these special activities, Ms. Enza, the Phys Ed. Teacher, and our principal, Mrs. Serchuck! Students are expecting, as always, for an amazing event that will blow the mind of every student! Will it be fun rides? Another amazing field trip? Who knows? We do know that General Vanier students are experiencing many privileges already!
I’m Giuliano Verdone, and that’s my view!

Should General Vanier Have a      Yearly Spelling Bee Competition?

What if General Vanier had a spelling bee? Well, many children thought it was a great idea! The beemajority of the students I asked said yes, although the grade two kids didn’t really want to have to learn extra words! Even the principal thought it would be a very good idea to make children learn new words! This event might become a traditional event here at G.V!
By: Julia F.   

Chewing gum in the school

Chewing gum in General Vanier school was never allowed and my friends and I never knew why. Chewing gum has really no major consequence. The only consequence that my friends and I can think of are blowing bubbles and chewing with our mouthes open, but a teacher can easily control that. My friends and I believe it should be allowed because research shows that chewing the same flavored gum while studying will help you remember what you studied, well that is if you study. gum

Here are some of my peer’s opinions on this subject: "It should be allowed because it helps us concentrate and helps us remember what we studied." Others believe it shouldn’t be allowed because you can choke and be distracted by blowing bubbles.       
By: Massimo

Does General Vanier prepare their students for high school?       

I believe that General Vanier does prepare their students for High School. Firstly, General Vanier gets a teacher from John Paul to help grade six students for their entrance exams at the beginning of the year, and honestly it really did help me because I am a grade six student.
I asked my sister “Did General Vanier help you get to where they are today
and did you feel that General Vanier helped you get where you are today?” This was her response: “General Vanier helps kids grow academically and personally. Kids here mature very quickly. At General Vanier they have many different clubs that builds up kid’s confidence. The school enforces pride and parents see that in their children’s work. Students will need all these tools in High School to do an excellent job.”
I’m Victoria and that’s my view.