Volume 1, Issue 7

April 2014

Welcome to the General View! This year marks the inauguration of the General View, a student-run newsletter. Cycle 3 students interview teachers and students to bring you an insider's look at the goings on of "a small school with a big heart."

Should GV have class pets?

Michael and I were and always will be animal people! So we wanted to know if we were allowed to have a class pet. We had one last year and it was very amusing watching our fish swim around in their tank and feeding them was so fun!! So Michael and I took initiative and surveyed about 10 fifth graders. The options we presented for class animals were: turtles, dogs, cats, bunnies, gold fish and last but not least, parrots.


The winner of the survey: bunnies!
Michael and I chose bunnies too so we were really happy that bunnies won!!  
We're Kayla and Michael, and that’s our view!!

Music to our Ears!music

What is the only thing that soothes us down, and makes us feel emotional? The answer is music! Every beat makes us tap our feet, and every chorus makes us hum! If cycle three students enjoy music, why not let them listen to it while working? This can offer them a great opportunity to relax and not feel stressed during a class lesson or exam. However, will this affect their work habits? In our survey, about three quarters of cycle three General Vanier students would highly enjoy listening to music while working, so their enthusiasm must be saying “YES!”. We assume that the genres of music to choose from depend on which class you’re working in for example, Italian class, Italian and Latin music, English and French class, (French) pop, classical, etc.
That’s all we have for this article, we’re Giuliano I and V, signing off, and that’s our view!

Let’s Care for the Earth, our Only Home!

Our Earth is the most important place ever.  That’s why at General Vanier, we slipped on our gardening gloves and picked up trash around our school: the park, the schoolyard and the basketball courts, and the front of the school. The members of Code Green played a big part in Earth Day; they led the classes around to the places we needed to clean. The Eco-Quartier helped out as well; they provided us with the gloves and our t-shirts that say: “On se ramasse tous ensemble”. It is very important to take care of our planet as much as we take care of our own homes. It’s the only home we will ever have.

Est-ce que tu veux explorer un autre monde?

Le 26 mars 2014, nous sommes allés au Planétarium. Nous avons vu deux spectacles et une exposition.

Le premier spectacle s’appelait le Continuum. La salle était en forme de dôme. Nous étions assis sur de gros coussins. Nous devions regarder en haut pour voir le film. J’ai vu des galaxies, des planètes, des étoiles et nous sommes entrés dans le soleil. Pendant que nous regardions le film, il y avait de la musique. Il y avait aussi des astéroïdes qui se frappaient entre eux. Nous avons appris qu’il y avait beaucoup de galaxies et d’étoiles. Nous avons entendu des bruits, d’astéroïdes et d’insectes. Le mot Continuum signifie continue du temps et de l’espace.planet

La deuxième activité était l’exposition. Il y avait des jeux, des vidéos et des roches. J’ai appris que la plus vieille roche a 4.28 billions d’années et j’ai vu des images.

Le deuxième spectacle s’appelait « De la terre aux étoiles ». J’ai vu une éclipse de lune, des constellations et des planètes. J’ai appris qu’une éclipse de lune peut durer trois minutes et c’est quand la lune, le soleil et la terre sont parfaitement alignés; l’ombre de la terre couvre la surface de la lune. J’ai appris que lundi est la journée de la Lune, mardi c’est la journée de Mars, mecredi c’est la journée de Mercure, jeudi c’est la journée de Jupiter, vendredi c’est la journée de Vénus, samedi c’est la journée de Saturne et dimanche c’est la journée du Soleil. J’ai appris que l’on pouvait apercevoir sur la lune des formes de personnes. Il y avait beaucoup d’informations et c’était amusant!!   

Reportage spécial de Luca, 4A                                                                              


Some of the grade six students: Briana Commisso, Alessya Lattuca, Megan Roberts, Vanessa Fry, Ashley Centorame and Kiara Quieti have started a group called PG-4GV. smileThis group wants to end Negative self talk. Negative self talk is when girls feel bad about themselves and when they talk bad about them. This group got inspired by a grade eleven from Laurier McDonald. What these students are trying to do is end negative self talk by asking students to write positive notes and stick them on the girls washroom wall. They went to each grade’s classroom and have been on the intercom to share their ideas. So far all students have been cooperative and hopefully it will last. They hope that it could continue for the rest of they year and when they graduate.
By PG-4GV and Victoria

Food Sharing

Should we allow food sharing in the school? My friends and I strongly believe it should be allowed. Why wouldn’t it be? There are no consequences besides allergies but everyone knows not to bring nuts, Nutella, peanut butter, etc. There are things that food sharing could teach us kids like how to negotiate, to be smart with what you have, to think befor doing and it will save money. Not convinced? Here are some examples:

food For starters, it will teach kids to negotiate by bargaining the actual food itself like two cookies for half a sandwich because we know the cookies are worth it and we persuade “the buyer”.
Secondly, it will teach kids how to be smart and to think ahead. For example, let’s say you have never tried an Oreo and you have a granola bar and it’s your favorite snack; you don’t know how the other food taste so you use common logic and keep the bar. You are smart with what you have, and you think before making the trade. Lastly it will save money for the parents for example, it the child does not like the hot lunch, food, snack etc, it will be better to give it to another child who wants it and will eat it, to not waste money or food.
I asked around, and fifteen of my friends believe food sharing should be allowed for the same reasons I mentioned. However, our lunch monitor disapproves because of allergies and possible unfairness.
Im Massimo and that’s my view.

Volunteer Appreciation Week

April 7-11 was Volunteer Appreciation Week! This week was dedicated to all those amazing parents who volunteered to help out GV in many ways like during fundraisers, field trips etc. in their own time. These volunteers were always there when we needed them and this week was just to show how thankful we are!

So, for all of you parent volunteers, here are some thank you messages from the General View:volunteer

  • Thank you for all your hard work! We appreciate how awesome you are! We love you! Jordana 5A
  • Thank- you! Merci! You are part of our everyday community and you have been excellent and you make us very happy!  Julia 5B
  • Thank you for all your hard work and for spending your precious time helping us and our incredible and outstanding school! Kayla 5A
  • Thank you for all you have done for us and all your hard work. Massimo 6B

Thank you once again!
We’re Kayla and Jordana, and that’s our view!

General Vanier’s Astounding Spring Concert!

On April 24, students at General Vanier performed a concert for parents and teachers. Each class had their own song to practice and perform, one class from each grade performed a French song, and the other class would perform an English song. Our theme for this year’s concert was: GV’s Got Talent!  What we found incredible about the concert was how each class had their own main outfit and their own dance for the concert. One thing to note was that there were two performances:a morning one 10:30am-11:00, and an afternoon one 1:30-3:00.  The concert was not only another accomplishment for the General Vanier Elementary School teacher Mr. Lipstein, but also for the students who learned many songs on instruments! For those who did not attend the concert, do not feel sad because you will always have us humming the chorus of our GV’s got talent song!
This is Giuliano I and V, and that’s our view!

About Us...

Grades 5 and 6 are part of a newspaper club. Well, not everyone, but certain people that like writing!
It is a fun activity for students and takes place at lunch for one hour.
I am Julia F., and that's my view!

New Season,
New Lessons!

April is a brand new start for grade four! They have been learning a bunch of new things. In math, they have just finished their unit on long division, and have started learning all about fractions!


In French, grade four have been doing a lot of comprehension, such as reading little stories and answering a few questions. They have also been learning more about “univers social”, and are reviewing the things that they learned last year. Let’s just hope that all this new information stays in their heads!
I'm Jordana, and that's my view!

We miss TCBY!

TCBY is stands for The Country’s Best Yogurt. No lies, it is. Up until the 2012-2013 school year, the PPO used to sell TCBY at lunch time on Tuesday for $2.50, to raise money for General Vanier’s Special events. I conducted a survey to see what the children thought and out of the 32 students from grades 2 to 5 I surveyed, each one of them said yes. They all said that they missed it. We should bring the sweet, icy taste of chocolate back to the lips of students. Even though they did not want to end the TCBY sale, parent volunteers said it was too expensive for them to purchase it every week.
That’s what this viewer viewed.
By Tedario

Semaine de la Francophonie


Once again we had our annual Semaine de la Francophonie. There were games, activities and songs played on the intercom. It was a hit as usual. My favorite part was drawing the picture of my favorite French book.
By Tedario

Watch out!
It's Fragile!

On the weekend of April 11-13, some students in Cycle 3 and some from daycare went bagging at the local Wal-Mart situated in Place Viau. groceriesThe goal was to raise money for school events such as the Grade 6 and kindergarten graduation parties, the Pizza Days, Fun Day, and for our schoolyard. We actually raised $2020 but Wal-Mart matched it, and we got a total of $4020 for these and many other causes.
That’s what these viewers viewed!
By Arianna K. and Tedario

Should G.V. students make movies?

We see many movies in our everyday lives and we always dream of making one of our own. What if you could actually make movies at G.V? The grade 4, 5 and 6 students would take part in this club.


We would make different type of movies like action, comedies, magical or horror! We would make these movies at school starting at lunch until 1:30. We would ask the teachers for props and thirty minutes of their class time. Also, in General Vanier there is a lot of action and lots of students like acting. Lots of people thought it was a great idea! This might become a club next year for grades 4, 5 and 6!
By: Arianna K and Julia F

competitionPut On Your
Game Face

As a journalist, there are many questions I’ve asked myself about our school, GV. One of them is, why can’t we have other school competitions?
There are many students who have special talents and are waiting showcase them. We already have an annual science fair, but haven’t you always wondered how you could show off your other radical skills? Maybe you can!
Many students suggested different topics like singing, culinary, sports, art, theatre, or maybe even a talent show that could include them all. There is no question many students happen to like this idea. So, why not?
I’m Chrisselltin (Christina) and that’s my view