Volume 1, Issue 8

May 2014

Welcome to the General View! This year marks the inauguration of the General View, a student-run newsletter. Cycle 3 students interview teachers and students to bring you an insider's look at the goings on of "a small school with a big heart."

Regional Science Fairscifair

On May 2nd and 3rd, eight  G.V students went on to the Regional Science Fair which took place at Royal Vale School. My partner and I went to this event and we found it AWESOME! Two other kids from my class and from grade 6 and from the other grades came too.
All G.V kids that went there showed there exceptional talent and they’re great knowledge! My partner and I did a wonderful project on Les Herbes et Les Épices. There was a variety of different projects and they were all interesting. But, as we were presenting all day, we did not get to see them.
It was a memory to never forget!
By: JuliaF.

Robots Are Taking Over!

roboticsRobotics is a fun club where students are allowed to build and program unique Lego robots (If you want to learn more about how Robotics works, go see Giuliano I and Guiliano V’s article in the November issue).  Cycle three students in the Robotics club have been preparing all year for one reason and one reason only, the robotics tournament held at John Rennie High School on the 25-26 of April!

The students were allowed to choose between four different challenges: search and rescue, dance, soccer and beetles.  Many schools attended the competition. Even a school from Vancouver came! Michael, James, Christina, Giuliano V and Megan from 5A and B at General Vanier won silver for “Search and Rescue”! Mathias from 5B also helped the winning team with the programming.


Study Tips

Doing well in school makes your parents proud, right? That’s why you must study! It might be hard when there’s a lot of noise or when you get distracted easily. But, today is you’re lucky day because I might be able to give you some effective study tips! I think that these tips will help you study better and make yourself proud as well.tips
Firstly, I recommend that you do your studies in a quiet place like your room, not in the kitchen where maybe your siblings are also trying to do homework.
Another suggestion is when you’re doing your review, try putting on classical music, not rock music or pop music which will make you lose your concentration (and sing along!)
I also think that you should do your homework by yourself and then your parents can check it afterwards.
I hope these tips help you for studying and doing homework. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR NEXT TEST!
By: Julia F.

School Mascots

turtleHave you ever thought that our school should have a mascot?  We think that is a great idea. A mascot is something to represent our school, General Vanier, something to really stand out. Mascots are usually for sports teams but this mascot could accompany our students to competitions such as the Halo Race, Robotics Competitions, Science Fair, Storytelling and Chess. It would encourage school spirit. The question is, what should our mascot be? It should be an animal that represents friendship like a turtle or a dog. Maybe it could wear a general’s suit?

I Like These Books, How About You?book

Divergent Trilogy: Like action-packed fictional books? Then the Divergent trilogy is for you! Written by Veronica Roth, this book is about sixteen year old Tris Prior, a girl who keeps getting herself into trouble.  She also has a big secret-she is Divergent, a very dangerous thing to be. With the help of her new boyfriend Tobias, will she be able to survive the constant wars in her city? Or will her Divergence kill her first? You’ll have to read all three books to find out! Recommended by: Jordana R

bookAll the Lovely Bad Ones: Written by Mary Dowing Hawn, this book is full of adventure, full of suspense and last but not least it is a thriller. This book is for ages ten and up. It is about two siblings, Travis and Corey. They decide to go to their grandmother’s Inn. They find out many juicy secrets and the horrifying past of the Inn. Travis and Corey have woken up something. They don’t know what it is but they know they have to put it back to sleep. Will they put it back to sleep? Will they survive? Will they get it more trouble? Read to find out! Recommended by: Kayla M

bookThe Fault In Our Stars: Written by the famous author John Green, this classic novel is about the couple Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster, who both have life threatening forms of cancer. They meet in a support group, and it was love at first sight. They struggle with more problems than most couples, but they promise to stay together and hang in there. Will they survive this depressing issue? Or will their love have to die with one of them? You’ll have to read The Fault In Our Stars to find out! Recommended by: Jordana R

 A Never Forgotten Tragedy

Monday, May 5th  the grade six students went to the  Montreal Holocaust Memorial Center located in Cote-Sainte-Catherine. It was a very interesting yet sad experience because we learned about the 20 million people that lost their lives 6 million being Jewish people and the rest being homosexual,handicaped and those who have a pure catholic soul in the unforgettable event that scared those who survived and some who heard about it. We also learned about WW1 which began in 1914 and how the Germans lost and were forced to be a military free country and then the countries at war signed a war free world. Sadly not longer after the war ended in 1918 a war started in 1939 by Germans a.k.a the Nazis and so holocaust began. We also had a man tell us about the holocaust and how he survived the cruel, brutal and violent acts of the Nazis which was very sad and heart breaking for him and us.   By Massimo 

Science Museum Tripscience trip

On May 21st, grade 1 students went to the science museum to explore a science universe. The students watched a move about the evolution of animals. The children discovered amazing things. Did you know that penguins used to have pink beaks?
They played educational games where the children got to make their own mini waterfall. The kids also enjoyed a mini merry go round and a mini disco party to celebrate the trip. All in all, the students enjoyed a fun filled day!

I’m Tedario and that’s my view!!

Portfolio night

Every year in May, here at General Vanier,  students get to show our wonderful parents our portfolio. All students have two portfolios. One in English and one in French. We always have fun preparing our portfolios because we get to show our parents our work that we did throughout the year. I had a lot of fun and was very excited as well because I did super well on a test and I wanted to show it to my parents, as well as a narrative story that my grade did in French. They were so proud of me! We were not supposed to show our parents before Portfolio night, because it was a surprise! It was a super fun night and I always look forward to the yearly General Vanier portfolio night!
I’m Kayla and that’s my view!

Halo Run!

This year, like every year we have an annual Halo Road Race. Grades three and four run 1km while the grades five and six run 2km. We’ve trained very hard in gym with our wonderful teacher Miss. Enza and the awesome student teachers. We tried our hardest and General Vanier won two medals; silver and a bronze from our talented students Anita and Adriano. We had so much fun even though we were out of breath and tired. Every one tired their best and they put their sweat and tears in it.
                                                                                That’s our news we are Maya & Julia F.

About Us...

Grades 5 and 6 are part of a newspaper club. Well, not everyone, but certain people that like writing!
It is a fun activity for students and takes place at lunch for one hour.
I am Julia F., and that's my view!

Celebration of Life

Once again, this year, we had our annual Celebration Of Life. During the ceremony, we talked about three holidays that are celebrated by three different religions; Buddhism, Catholicism, and Judaism. The arrival of Spring represents the season of new life! Special thanks to Miss Maria Kelly for preparing this ceremony.As part of the celebration, a candle was lit in order to welcome Spring. I’m Tedario and that is what this viewer viewed!

Day Care Week

Daycare week is about having fun. Daycare educators plan it every year in the middle of May or beginning of June. This year, it started Monday, May 12, 2014.
On Monday, there was cotton candy and popcorn, and that was tasty.
On Tuesday, we had the destination imagination were they presented a skit. On the same day we had an exciting time with Dynamix.
The rest of the week was fun snacks except, Friday. Friday we had a ped day  called Mexicana making guacamole and tacos. Yum!
I’m AK and that’s my view!

Should G.V have more free lunch time clubs?

General Vanier has many clubs for students to have fun in. But GV students still want more clubs!  We decided to take a survey to see what kind of clubs the students wanted to join. We got answers like drama club, shoe making club, candy making club, fan club, book club ect. We selected the most requested clubs and here they are: glee club, drama club, sports club, gaming club, book club, cooking club. The winning club was… … … The … … Glee Club! We’re Kayla and Jordana and that’s our view!

Pros and Cons of Ped-days

Arianna: "Don’t you find that teachers always give us extra homework when we have ped-days? I don’t find its fair! Why should get extra homework on ped-days when we don’t ask for the ped-days? I think there should be less ped days."

Maya: "I think we should have ped-days because the students deserve a break from school. We work, we do our homework. I love ped-days, but I do agree that teachers do give us more homework before a ped-day or a long week-end, but that’s life every one!

And that’s Maya & Arianna’s views!!!

Destination Imagination

Students from GV daycare participated in a creative showcase on May 13th. Many teams from other schools participated. Each team had to create a movie skit of two nations meeting. The GV Puppies made a skit called “The Possessed” and won a lot of prizes. Each winner got a BASE note pad and a movie ticket. They will also get a pizza party very soon. The GV Puppies were very happy when they won all those fantastic prizes.
We are the M&M girls and that’s our view.

General Vanier music buffs!

Do you play an instrument? If you do, you then have the opportunity to join the GV School band, taught by our fun loving music teacher Mr. Lipstein. If you don’t know how to play an instrument, you can still join. Band is a really cool activity where students from grades 3-6 play instruments from different families, from the string family to the brass family. Mr. Lipstein sure does donate a lot of his free time to the students! He not only teaches band, but he also teaches the choir, and at the end of the year band and choir will perform a show together for the grade 6 graduation. It’s amazing, and you too can join band if you’re a student!
We’re Giuliano I & V, and that’s our view!

Drive 4 UR School

 On Friday, May 23, GV hosted, “Drive 4 UR School," as a school beautification fundraiser. Ford brought in several cars for adults to test-drive around the block for a few minutes. There were about 10 cars. For each car that a person test drove, Ford donated 20 dollars to our school. We raised a total of $ 3'560.00 It was yet another one of General Vanier’s awesome accomplishments! We would like to give a special thanks to all the parent volunteers who helped make this possible!
We’re Giuliano I. and Christina C. and that’s our view!