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Rosemount High


We interviewed two Rosemount High School students, Eliana Marra and Natasha Glisic, who graduated GV a couple of years ago. They told us that they were having a blast at Rosemount but they still miss GV. Their favorite subjects are gym and music and they even joined the Rosemount band! They have told us that Mr. Lipstein has prepared them well for all things music. Eliana and Natasha mentioned that they have a double gym.

What they miss the most about GV is how much like a family it is. “I really miss how when you see somebody you can always just say 'hey' and they won’t get creeped out. At Rosemount that’s not how it happens.”  They have also told us that GV prepared them well for high school. They learned all the facts that they needed to know in order to be the independent students that they are now. 

We’re Victoria and Jordana, that’s our view!


vmc lbp
Amanda Marra likes VMC because everyone is friendly and it is a small community. These are the clubs she is in: spiritual, grad committee, prom committee, Battle of the Bands, comic club, improv club, and the talent show.  Her favorite one is the prom committee because she gets to decide what she gets to do for her grad and she knows that once she is at her graduation she will be able to take some of the credit. She is part of the wind house. Her favorite subject is Math.

General Vanier reminds her of all the shows and plays she did and she is grateful for that! General Vanier taught her to work with people! She told us that she is grateful for coming to General Vanier because she said that it prepared her very well and she misses General Vanier a lot!

That is what we interviewers viewed!
By Kayla M.