Welcome to Grade 1

Where learning is fun, Daily 5 is practised, team work is encouraged, and books are read everyday! - Miss Maria Drudi


Physical Education: 1A - Day 3 and Day 5
1B - Day 1 and Day 5
The dress code is blue shorts, white t-shirt
and running shoes.
Library: 1A - Day 5
1B - Day 3
Don't forget to return your borrowed English
and French books.

Bulletin Board

IMG_8221 IMG_8224 monsters 15th Anniversary Board

1B EBook Project


Congratulations to Elora and Violette who won the silver and bronze medals at the Expo Sciences Regional Science Fair!


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

We Welcome Miss Adriana to 1A and 1B. Adriana is a second year student at McGill University.


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

My name is Michael L’Altrella, and I am currently in my fourth and final year at McGill University in the Bachelors of Education Program. I will soon be embarking on a new chapter in my life as I enter the real world and become an educator. However, before I do so, I will be working with Miss Maria as a student teacher in your child’s grade 1 classroom.

It is extra special for me to be able to spend the next two months developing my craft at General Vanier since it was here that I grew up and graduated elementary school from. The teachers I had at this school taught me many things, both in class and out, and I hope that I can do the same for your children. In the end, I hope that the time I spend with your children at GV will be one they can treasure for a long time.

Best Wishes,
Michael L’Altrella - Student Teacher


Miss Daniela

Thank you Miss Daniela,
Thank you for your patience,
Thank you for your fun activities,
Thank you for your warm smile,
Thank you for being there every day,
And thank you for being our student teacher!

We wish you lots of happiness and you are going to be a great teacher!

Class 1A and 1B


Spooky, creepy, windy October. Grade 1 have been sharing their Home Reading books with their classmates. They are also sharing their thoughts about the book. Grade 1 is working on vowels and consonants and their sounds. Singing poetry is fun but the students are able to read a lot of the words on their own now. 1A and 1B worked on their first class book and put a lot of effort in writing about their favourite part of the book entitled " I Like Pumpkins" by Jerry Smath.

The books are circulating, please write a comment and return it next English day.


September has been a busy month in Grade 1. We are learning to sit at our desks and do work for most of the day. We are learning to use sight words in sentences and how to use proper spacing and punctuation. When we have free time we are reading books in the reading corner, we listen to books at the listening centre or play word games on the computer.

Can't wait to see what October brings.


Miss Daniela

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

My name is Daniela De Marco and I am a third year education student at McGill University. This is my third field experience however, it is my second time at General Vanier Elementary School.

I will be in the classroom with Miss Maria until December 4, 2015. I am very excited to work with your children. I am eager to see what these next three months will bring, and I hope that your children will enjoy this wonderful journey with me!

Best Wishes,

Miss Daniela
Student Teacher 

Book Bag


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1A and 1B Visit the Dollar Store
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1A visits with the local police department.

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