Luca The Boss

Hey there, my name is Luca .I am a student at General Vanier.I like to play sports with my family members.I play video games and watch movies. I have a brother and two parents.

Minecraft is a game made entirely of blocks.It's basically a game where you must mine, craft and build.You must survive the monster that are zombies, archers, spiders, blazes, creepers, ghasts, zombie pigmen, enderman, wither skelotons, spider jockeys, magma cubes, slimes, witches and the bosses witch are the enderdragon and the wither boss on survival mode. On creative mode you can build cool structures like castles, modern homes, hotels, airplains and anything else you can imagine. You can play minecraft on a laptop or computer, Xbox, tablets and on the PlayStation.I like minecraft because I get to use my creativity. Click this link to go to


Hockey is a sport played on ice. I play hockey in a team, I play for Rosemont. I play in the highest level in my category,"Atome BB". I play as a right wing or center.I play hockey at home or on ice. I play hockey very often.I started hockey at the age of 7.I started skating at the age of 4. I love to watch the Montreal Canadians play.

Funny Movies

I love to watch funny movies. The type of movies I watch are, "The Three Stooges","Elf"and "Home Alone 1,2,3,4 and 5.I watch these movies at home with my family members during the holidays.