Me Myself Mathias


Hi my name is Mathias Butel . I am 10 and I Iive in Montreal . This is my web page "Me Myself Mathias" or "M.M.M" .


I got a robot kit ( Lego EV3 ) for Christmas 2013. It was a gift from my godfather (the robot kit) and it was extremely generous of him. Before January 4 I had built
3 different robots. Robots have always interested me deeply ; especially since I joined the G.V robotic’s club. I am getting ready for a competition some time in march because I want to try to win a medal. I am doing search and rescue. My robot has to follow a black line, climb a ramp, avoid obstacles
and push a can in a corner.


I love books. I read A LOT, mostly what my older brother reads but I can’t read everything he’s reading
(Game Of Thrones, Ender’s Game, Hunger Games). So this Christmas I got a series of books, Alex Rider .He is a 14 year old boy who works for MI6 (the British secret service) like his father and his uncle who are both dead. He doesn’t like to do missions for MI6, he wants to be a schoolboy, but doesn’t
have a choice. I am reading the sixth book now on February 26, 2013. It is about a mad man who is trying to build a hotel in space with the British government but it is bankrupting him and he is also mad
at the pentagon so he is going to destroy the space hotel on the pentagon.

Video Games

Video games are awesome, from Minecraft to Civ5 and back to Starbound, if it is to fight, to build, to race or even to talk to friends video games have a use (and no not to rot your brain or to destroy your
eyes). Most of the time it comes down to opinion, to me it is a hobby, a passe time or even a competition. My favourite video game is or Starbound or Minecraft, I never played starbound, but I did play minecraft (I have an acount) and it can get old
very quickly because it is a lot of doing the same thing, but you can still build stuff like this. It is pretty
cool to play with friends online or to play minigames.