Bedroom & Bathroom

Life With Your Homestay Family - Bedroom & Bathroom




Your bedroom will include a window and smoke detector nearby; bed and bedding; a dresser, desk, chair, and lamp for studying; a closet; and adequate heat, light and ventilation. Please ask your host to show you how to use the bed and blankets, and where to find extra blankets if needed.

Your homestay family will discuss with you what you can put on bedroom walls and how to attach items. As a courtesy, and to conserve energy, please turn off the light and your computer before leaving your room for long periods. Your host may also ask you to turn down the heat in the room when you are gone for the day, if it is operated on a thermostat.

In many cases, you may also be an older brother or sister to your homestay family’s children. We hope you set a good example for them. However, you will not be expected to babysit them.



Please try to leave the bathroom clean and dry after you use it. Your host will explain when to use the bathroom and for how long.

Most students will share their bathroom with one or more family members or other students.

If there are several members of your household, please be considerate with the use of hot water, which might run out before everyone has showered!