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Meeting and Greeting

The most common greeting for young people is to say hello, smile, and make direct eye contact.

In Quebec, friends may greet each other by lightly kissing both cheeks.

It is also important when asking for something to say “Please”, may I ……., and when given a compliment, a service, or someone taking care of something for you, to say “Thank you”.


The Quebec style of communication is polite, easy going, and informal. One can disagree openly with friends, and adults, including your teachers. It must however be done respectfully with tact, and diplomacy. Aggression, shouting, and exaggerated claims will not be tolerated.

We also do not generally interrupt someone who is speaking. It is considered rude to not allow a person to complete their thought or opinion.

We also like our space. When carrying on a conversation you need to be about an arm’s length away. Do not be in someone’s face or wag your finger at them.


Table manners are relatively relaxed and informal.

It is customary to be on time, make eye contact, engage in conversation, and enjoy the time together.

It is also acceptable, and not frowned upon, to refuse food or drink that you do not want or like (no explanation needed), just say “No thank you”. It is also acceptable to leave some food on your plate if you have had more than enough, and to ask for more if you are still hungry.