Domestic and International Travel

Homestay Communication - Domestic and International Travel



Many Canadian families like to spend weekends or short holidays in the country, in a cabin or a second home, with family or friends. Some families spend school vacations in other parts of the country or abroad.

If you cannot or do not want to go with your host family, please contact your homestay coordinator to make other arrangements.


Students are not allowed to travel outside the city, without their host parents, unless their biological parents have signed a completed Travel Permission Form and provided it to the student's homestay coordinator 48 hours in advance of departure.

The completed “Travel Permisson Form” must include a detailed itinerary of the trip, including the names, addresses and cell numbers of those you will be traveling with and staying with during such travel.

International Travel

Your biological family must arrange travels outside of Canada. It is the responsibility of the student and biological family to research and obtain the necessary visa/documents from the embassy or consulate of the country to be visited.

The homestay office must be notified of all travel arrangements outside of Canada.