Money & Valuables

Homestay Communications - Money & Valuables



Please bring an adequate amount of money for extra expenses such as meals out of the home, movies, extra-curricular school activities, and so on. Homestay fees do not cover these costs. Also, your Homestay fees do not include costs of major family outings. If you choose to participate in family holidays and/or travel where there are extra costs, you should expect to pay.


While theft is not common in Canada, it can and does happen. To keep yourself and your valuables safe, please do not carry or display large amounts of cash at any time. Displaying wealth can also lead to uncomfortable situations among your peers: money attracts attention, and if other students think you have a lot of it to spend, they may start expecting you to pay for their meals and activities.


You should not be expected to lend money to, or borrow money from, other students or members of your host family household.

When you arrive in Montreal, it’s a good idea to open a bank account. This is common practice and is the most reliable and safe way to handle money. Bank accounts are insured by the Bank of Canada; you are not risking anything by depositing your savings with a bank. It’s also convenient: you can access your funds at ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) and even pay for meals, retail purchases and tourist attractions with your bank card.


It’s a good idea to make two copies of important documents (such as airline tickets, health insurance forms, and your passport): one for you to keep with you, and another for your hosts. Keep the originals in a safe place—they should not stay in your school bag or suitcase.

It is also wise to keep all electronics (phones, tablets, cameras etc.) close to you at all times and not to leave them unattended, or display them casually, when you are away from your home.