School Life

School - School Life


Daily Schedule

Most high schools start their day between 8:00AM - 8:30AM and end their day between 3:00PM – 3:30PM. Classes are held Monday to Friday only.

There are a total of 300 teaching minutes per day, either 6 periods of 50 minutes, or 4 periods of 75 minutes. Lunch is approximately 50 minutes. Each school determines its on schedule.

Text Books

Text books are supplied to you without charge. These books are the property of the English Montreal School Board and must be returned to the school at the end of the school year or upon withdrawal from the school. Any lost or damaged books must be paid for by the student. This applies to library books as well.


There are two sets of formal exams for all high school students. They take place in January and June. The pass mark for all subjects is 60%.

The results on formal exams are not necessarily enough to ensure the passing of a subject. Projects, home assignments, written work, and periodic class tests form a percentage of the final mark.

Report Cards

Most schools issue a progress report card in October/November and formal report cards in February, April, and June. The exact date and time are up to each individual school. Please refer to your school calendar.

Parent/Guardian Interview Night

There is usually a “Meet the Teacher Night” in September. Formal Parent/Guardian/Teacher interviews are usually held in November, February, and April. As the exact date and time are up to each individual school, please refer to your school calendar. Should your guardian have concerns about your progress, please have them contact your school at any time.