School Life 2

School - School Life 2



Students are not permitted to wear headgear such as hats, caps, bandanas, etc., except for religious purposes.

Coats and jackets are not permitted in the classroom. They must be kept in your locker.

Winter boots are not permitted in the classroom. You must bring a change of footwear and leave the boots in your locker.

Cell phones may only be used outdoors. If a cell phone is brought to school it must remain turned off and out of sight.

The school is not responsible for the loss or damage of your cell phone, IPod, or any personal electronic equipment brought to school.

There is no running, pushing, shoving, swearing, or aggressive behavior in the hallways, classrooms, or school yard.

Students must go outside and stay on school property at recess.

Cycle I students (grade 7 – 8) are not permitted to leave school property during school hours.

Cycle II students (grade 9 – 11), depending on the school policy, may be permitted to leave school property at lunch time only and must return and arrive on time for the next class.

NO smoking, alcohol, or illegal drugs are permitted on school property.

NO weapons (real or replica) are allowed on school property.