Speak English!

Homestay Communication - Speak English!


You have come to Canada to become more confident and assertive in English, so be brave! You might make mistakes at first, but your host family will help you. The best way to improve your English is to practice!

Using English With The Whole Family

Use your English in events that include other members of the household, such as:

  • Looking at family photo albums and videos
  • Playing cards/board games
  • Planning holidays and weekend outings
  • Having a picnic/barbecue, instead of eating at home

Using English One-on-One

Try to use English in as many simple daily activities as possible, such as:

  • Conversation, especially at dinner;
  • Setting the table, meal preparation, gathering, etc.;
  • Accompanying your host on errands (a trip to the supermarket is an interesting event for both of you, to identify and describe your favourite foods)
  • Exercising (run, walk, aerobics, swim, etc.)
  • Watching TV (programs which stimulate conversation and the sharing of ideas).