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The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) is located on the island of Montreal. Montreal is a very safe, clean, bilingual, vibrant multi-cultural city surrounded by beautiful lakes, mountains, and ski hills.


The EMSB, which is the largest public English School Board in Quebec, has 35 elementary schools (pre-kindergarten to grade 6), 26 high schools (grades 7 to 11), and 11 adult and vocational education centers serving approximately 34,000 students.

As the population in our high schools are smaller (400 – 850 students) than the average high school population, our international students benefit from individualized attention.

The English Montreal School Board is very proud of its graduation success rate, which is over 82%, the highest in Quebec. Our success is due to the dedication of our teachers and administrators, the enthusiasm of our students, and the support of our parents and community.

In addition to the educational aspect, extracurricular activities and enriched half day, full day, or overnight excursions are organized for both the elementary and high school level. Our students have the opportunity to visit and experience many of the vibrant and historical museums and landmarks throughout Montreal and Quebec.

The EMSB is very proud of its multicultural population.

We welcome and respect the ethnic and cultural diversity of all our students. Our goal is to foster mutual respect and understanding among the more than 100 cultural groups that make up the EMSB family.