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The JFK Business Center

he JFK Business Centre is part of the English Montreal School Board. The Centre started in 1987 with 60 students and we have grown to over 700 full ...more

 Administrative Assistant -- Become the heartbeat of the office. Be the indispensable one! The support without whom the company would not achieve maximum efficiency. The career opportunities are endless: receptionist, office clerk, administrative assistant, office manager and executive secretary. You can achieve any one of these careers through our program. Administrative Assistant

 Accounting -- Accounting is the backbone of most decisions made in business. Investing 12 months of your life with us will guarantee a return on investment that will last a lifetime. Join the ranks of apprentices and achieve your career goals. The JFK Business Centre will provide you with the tools you need. Accounting

 Travel Sales -- A golden sunset, the Great Wall of China, an African Safari... the world is full of wonders waiting to be explored. Each year the number of travelers is on the rise. Take the journey and make Tourism your ticket to success. Seek out the known and participate in discovering the unknown. Travel Sales

 Professional Sales -- Selling is a way of life... whether it's an idea, a business proposition or a service. The approach we use and how we represent ourselves will impact the impressions we leave behind. We can help make the world your oyster. Train with us and we will give you experience for life. Professional Sales

 Starting a Business -- Discover the possibilities of starting your own business venture. Should I take a chance? How do I obtain financing? These are the types of questions the Program will help you answer. A thorough investigation of your idea will be assessed in order to minimize the risk. Once we have helped you determine the potential – the rest is up to you…reach for the stars!. Starting a Business

 Legal Secretarial Studies -- Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work on high profile cases? Here’s your chance to work in a dynamic high paced setting. This is a challenging vocation which is constantly evolving. The job market for legal secretaries is excellent. Qualified, experienced individuals earn more than $50,000 a year. You could be next! Legal Secretarial Studies

 Hotel Reception -- Checking into a hotel is opening the door to a home away from home. Choose the Hospitality Industry and explore its many pleasures. You can be the person who opens the door and creates an unforgettable experience full of unexpected moments. Join us and we will hand you the KEY to your door of success. Hotel Reception