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Words From Our Parents

Nous sommes heureux d'avoir la possibilité que nos enfants fréquentent l'Académie John Caboto. En effet, ils ont l'opportunité de recevoir un enseignement bilingue, ce qui représente un grand avantage dans le monde d'aujourd'hui. L'Académie John Caboto est une institution qui véhicule de très bonnes valeurs de respect, d'apprentissage et de collaboration. Chaque personne, parents et enfants, est traitée avec dignité et compréhension. Le personnel enseignant et les employés du service de garde sont dévoués et préoccupés par le bien-être et la réussite de nos enfants. L'Académie John Caboto dispense des services de qualité qui ont un impact positif sur le développement et le niveau de confiance des élèves qui la fréquentent. Nous en sommes très fiers et reconnaissants. Merci à tous les employés pour votre dévouement continuel!

Mélanie Bouffard (parent of  Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 students)

I am a parent who was educated in the private sector and I am here to tell you to look beyond the label of "public school". This is our fifth year with our children enrolled at John Caboto Academy and we continue to be blown away by the quality and enthusiasm of the teachers, the bilingual learning environment, the vibrant community around the school, and how much our children look forward to being there each day. The exceptional daycare program is a blessing, run by technicians who specialize in giving individual attention where needed.

The teachers focus on teaching the students how to think instead of what to think. This is a very important concept to understand. Having experienced the results of this first hand with my own children, it is a fantastic way to cultivate leadership qualities in the young. The Academy offers a guided approach to learning so that the students discover that learning is exciting and full of possibilities through their involvement with their community and through extracurricular activities.

J.C.A. was the best decision that I made for my children. It was really important to me that their first exposure to the school and learning be a positive one. I feel secure that they are surrounded by such a professional, caring environment and respectful classmates. I am a proud and happy parent of the growing John Caboto Academy community and I have the results to prove it.

Sabrina Ferraresi (parent of Kindergarten, Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 students)

This is my son Ryan's first year at John Caboto and I'm very pleased with the school. The fact that Ryan is already starting to read in Kindergarten reassures me that he is heading in the right direction academically, especially with the rise in illiteracy in North America. I agree with the homework system at the school (due on Friday) because I can enjoy the entire weekend with my child and it gives him a break at the same time. I'm pleased that music is taught twice a week because it is very important in a child's life and has proven to help kids emotionally and intellectually. John Caboto Academy believes in teaching respect for one another which I believe avoids bullying which is a big problem in all schools. I am also very impressed that the school has practiced a couple of lockdown drills because it gives me peace of mind.

The daycare workers are exceptional. I feel that they truly care and love my child. I find that their Ped day program is quite versatile. Ryan has been on a few day trips and there's interesting activities planned in-house also.

I would also like to point out that I have never seen a cleaner school than John Caboto Academy. Every time I have been at the school (and many of those visits were impromptu visits), the school was spotless and the floors shining.

I like that different holidays are celebrated at the school (Christmas, Valentine's etc.) because it gives my son a sense of togetherness with all his classmates and it's a lot of fun for all the children. The most important thing is that Ryan comes home every evening with a big smile on his face and I'm looking forward to his future at John Caboto Academy.

Frances Paspaliaris (parent of a Kindergarten student)

I chose John Caboto Academy because there is an unparalleled dedication by the staff who is diligently working to build a sustainable academic foundation for our children, raising the bar with every achievement, challenging them to their fullest potential, and daring them to dream the impossible.

Rosemarie Federico (parent of Kindergarten and Cycle 1 students)

I am proud to be a John Caboto Academy parent for countless reasons. Basically, my pride stems from the fact that each day, my child comes home with more than just homework to think about. She is socially, intellectually, and emotionally nourished and stimulated. I appreciate the way the staff provides the children not only with a traditional academic education, but also with the comprehension of mutual respect, cooperation and solidarity. They provide her with the basic knowledge that each one of us has a fundamental responsibility in a bigger picture; in the community, in society and ultimately, in the world.

Anna Mignacca (parent of a Cycle 1 student)

John Caboto Academy provides our child with a dynamic learning environment that promotes respect and discipline. The French/English program has enabled our child to develop a sense of belonging to a community that resembles him.

Mélanie Lessard (parent of a Kindergarten student)

John Caboto Academy was my first and only choice for my children because it possesses an indescribable fundamental nature to motivate, encourage and challenge the children to reach above and beyond their potential. The partnership between the staff and parents is extraordinary, empowering the school and hence our children to overcome any obstacle and achieve academic success, all the while remaining humble and dedicated to the community. No child gets left behind in John Caboto Academy. Every need is addressed, worked and conquered. Every weakness strengthened and every strength reinforced.

Jorge Albert Chiappone (parent of Kindergarten and Cycle 1 students

I have chosen John Caboto Academy for my child because of its challenging bilingual academic program, the dedicated teachers as well as the values they instill in our children.  These are only a few of the numerous positive aspects of such a rare educational institution. I now understand why it is often referred to as the private school of the public school system.  I am confident each time I leave my child in their hands that she will come out that day all the more enlightened, aware, challenged, motivated and ready to conquer the next level.

Celina Galasso (parent of a Kindergarten student)

I like John Caboto Academy for several reasons:

  • They have a fantastic team, excellent teachers and other professionals who really care about each individual child.
  • There is a strong sense of community among parents, students and teachers
  • I love the methodology that they use to teach through "The 7 habits of happy kids"
  • Parents are always involved in school projects giving us the opportunity to watch the children’s development closely.
Over all, when I see the development of my son and how happy he is, I have no doubt that I made an excellent choice.

Cintia Takeda Kuroiwa (parent of a Kindergarten student)

When we were first looking around for a school for our son, we were very apprehensive. But when we visited John Caboto Academy, our concerns were put to rest. We found a school that felt more like an extended family where there is mutual caring and respect. To top it all off, the academic standards are higher than we expected, to the point that it feels more like a private school. The students are encouraged to express their individuality and to strive to be the best, but most of all, to have fun doing it. We are very pleased and comforted that our son goes to John Caboto Academy, and our little daughter can't wait to go too.

Berdj Garabedian (parent of a Cycle 1 student)

As a parent, I am very pleased and proud to have my son attend John Caboto Academy. The school has a huge sense of community and feeling of 'family' among teachers, parents and students that makes everyone feel a part of something truly special. I particularly love that they are teaching our children more than reading and writing. They are preparing them to become outstanding human beings in life in general. John Caboto Academy exceeds my expectations of elementary education!

Courtney Hitchings (parent of Kindergarten student)

My son started in Kindergarten at John Caboto Academy Sept 2009.

As a mom I was so worried about letting my son go. I was worried that I would not be there to protect him. Basically, I was worried about everything.

I didn’t know at the time what kind of school I was sending my son to. I heard from others about the low tolerance for bullying in the school. I was told that it was strict. I was happy to know that this school was tough. When I say tough, I mean academically.

I have to say that this school is an amazing school. I never worry about anything. My son is treated like a member of a big family. This school is all about friendships, and values and hard work. They are there to help our children succeed. This school values principles, honesty and compassion.

The staff and the teachers are absolutely amazing. They go above and beyond the call of duty. They are always there to help, to talk and to protect our children.

As a parent, knowing how much my son adores John Caboto Academy only confirms to me that this school is a remarkable school.

Thank you, John Caboto Academy. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Nora Albano (parent of cycle 2 student)

Here are a few words about our thoughts of John Caboto Academy.

John Caboto Academy provides an excellent environment that teaches the benefits of hard work and team work. We feel very fortunate to have our son enrolled in this school. He is not only going through the motions of an educational curriculum but also learning skills and behaviors that will benefit him for life. We are truly grateful for his progress in both English and French! Thank you!

Ron & Lise Forte (parents of Cycle 1 student)

I am proud to be a John Caboto Academy Parent because the staff is very caring and understanding to the students and parents needs. My kids are happy to go to school every morning and that makes me happy as well!!!!

Stephanie Martel (parent of kindergarten and Cycle 2 students)

My children are former students of John Caboto Academy. They are currently honor students at the high school level and comments are often made that it is no wonder, since they were educated at John Caboto. In the past and still today, there is a mutual collaboration between the parents and staff that only adds to the unrivaled reputation of the school. There is no doubt that the kids work hard, but the staff makes sure that they play just as hard. Every child’s success is validation that every child has a chance at academic success at John Caboto Academy.

Peter Salucci (parent of former students)

I am writing this letter to advise you all that John Caboto Academy is a good school and it is a school that serves the community. I, as a parent, enjoy bonding with other parents and enjoy volunteering for outings to help the teachers and students alike. I find John Caboto really cares for the well being of its students and strives to make a difference in each child's life. I hope this school will never close. I want to see my daughter Angelina complete her elementary years at John Caboto and I would like to see her younger sibling Isabella do the same. This is a very good school, the ambiance is fantastic. My daughter Angelina is not only learning her abc's and 123's, but she is also learning about life and respect of others. I support John Caboto Academy and wish it to be part of the community for many more years to come.

Tony Greco (parent of Cycle 1 student)

I am writing this letter to advise you all that John Caboto Academy is a good school and it is a school that serves the community. I, as a parent, enjoy bonding with other parents and enjoy volunteering for outings to help the teachers and students alike. I find John Caboto really cares for the well being of its students and strives to make a difference in each child's life. I hope this school will never close. I want to see my daughter Angelina complete her elementary years at John Caboto and I would like to see her younger sibling Isabella do the same. This is a very good school, the ambiance is fantastic. My daughter Angelina is not only learning her abc's and 123's, but she is also learning about life and respect of others. I support John Caboto Academy and wish it to be part of the community for many more years to come.

Tony Greco (parent of Cycle 1 student)

Both of my sons are former students of John Caboto Academy and are now in high school. This year, my older son will be graduating from Vincent Massey Collegiate. Both are honor students and the older one will soon embark on the challenges of his college education. I owe a great deal of credit to the primary academic foundation that was built under John Caboto’s roof. My boys were blessed to have had exceptional teachers who not only prepared them to achieve academic success, but to challenge themselves and explore their own potential. It is evident that to the teachers of John Caboto, teaching is not just a job; it is a vocation and their students’ success is a reflection of their own.

Loretta Federico (parent of former students)

John Caboto Academy makes me feel like part of an extended Family.

Every day I feel welcomed into the fold of the John Caboto Family. Each morning we come in and are greeted with smiles, hellos and good mornings from all the staff, students, parents, and even the gentleman who delivers the milk! I have every faith in this Family, and I have every confidence leaving my children with them as much as I do leaving them with their own Grandparents. I know they will be safe, nurtured, and educated. The teachers always do over and above the expected when it comes to the education of my children and always make them feel proud of what they have achieved.

Tania Rosa (parent of Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 students)

Prior to enrolling our only child in Kindergarten, we visited several schools. From the first moment we stepped into John Caboto Academy, we were impressed by both the care and professionalism of the welcoming staff, as well as its solid infrastructure. It was apparent to us that our child would only thrive in such environment. However, in order to assure ourselves, we decided that my wife would get involved on the Governing Board and I would volunteer as much as possible in order to better understand the decisions that would impact the children. I was pleasantly surprised to confirm that sound administration practices were in place.

We are now looking forward to another great year as our child enters grade 2 and feel very comfortable recommending John Caboto Academy.

Ricardo Alfaro (parent of Cycle 1 student)

As a parent it is hard to let go and send your children away every day but with our amazing school and community it is like sending them to an extended family! I am very proud to say my children love to go to school every day at John Caboto Academy, and sad to say so much so, they don't even want to come back home at the end of the day. This helps me know they are safe and happy, and that is all a parent could ask for. The incredible education they are receiving from this school is simply just the added bonus. Thank you!

Rosanna Loffreda (Testani family) (parent of Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 students)

At first, we chose John Caboto Academy because our children would be joining friends from daycare who were going to attend. What soon impressed us was discovering a school deeply involved in the community, teaching our children above par academics and providing great extracurricular programs. The basic values we instill in our home are applied daily thus continuing to morally guide our children. Consequently, in being part of such a productive and nurturing environment, they feel a sense of pride towards John Caboto Academy. I am grateful to the principal, teachers, the amazing daycare personnel and all the parents who volunteer their time and effort to give my children an elementary school experience they will undoubtedly treasure forever.

Christina R. (parent of Kindergarten and Cycle 2 students)

I, Jean-Philippe Pinto am a proud parent of a Kindergarten student at John Caboto Academy. My daughter has been attending school there since September 2012 and we could not be more pleased with how the school is run.

John Caboto Academy is a very family oriented environment and we feel that the school is the best place for our child. She has grown and learned so much due to the performance of the superb teachers.

As a parent, we’re always concerned about the safety of our children, but we feel safe sending her to John Caboto Academy knowing that she is in the good hands of Ms. Buscemi and her excellent teaching staff.

In closing, I would recommend John Caboto Academy to any parent interested in sending their children to a stable, safe and welcoming learning environment.

Jean-Philippe Pinto (parent of kindergarten student)

Here’s what John Caboto Academy means to me. John Caboto Academy is a hidden BIJOU of the EMSB. It has not received the recognition it deserves. What can I say about this school except THANK YOU.

Thank you for allowing each child to reach their fullest potential. Thank you for showing the students how to be a responsible member of the community. Thank you for continuously instilling the basic values of family and friendship. Thank you for allowing each student to express their individuality. Thank you for putting the children's needs and their families first.

It is a small school with a big heart and huge dreams. They can achieve great wonders with our children. It has been a true pleasure and an honor that my two children are attending this incredible school. All staff members do their very best every single day to ensure that our children receive top quality education. When my kids leave each morning with smiles from ear to ear, seeing their excitement and joy provides me with peace of mind. I can put my mind at rest knowing they are happy and will be well taken care of. This school truly feels like home. Come and experience it for yourself. You will not regret it.

Maria (parent of Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 students)

Thank you, Ms. Buscemi for the wonderful work that you do. Your staff is exceptional and every morning when I drop Jessica off at John Caboto Academy, I know she will have another beautiful day of learning and memories.

John Caboto Academy holds a special place in my heart as years ago I myself, was a student there. Still today, I have many fond childhood memories of your wonderful school. I am very happy that my daughter, Jessica, has the opportunity to share in the same joy, as I once did, being a student there.

Thank you again Ms. Buscemi.

Filomena Scialdone (Cycle 3 parent)

John Caboto Academy is Montreal’s best kept secret. My husband and I were looking for a school where our three kids could blossom and create friendships that would last a life time. Noah is our eldest and will be finishing Grade 1 this year. When he started kindergarten last year, he spoke only French. Not only did he become bilingual in no time, but since the language barrier was broken at such an early age, his confidence in expressing himself in English went through the roof. We look forward to Kylie starting Kindergarten in September. We already know some of Noah’s friends’ sibling who will be joining her. There is a great sense of security when the school is so much more than a learning environment, and becomes a community looking out for one another. Trust and security are important values when it comes to our children and I know that the personnel always work with the kids’ best interest in mind. Our journey at JCA has just begun, and we look forward to many more years of growth and friendship for the entire family.

Julie Mahoney (parent of Cycle 1 student)