About John Paul I

John Paul I High School is a Cycle One Secondary school consisting of year I and II students - twelve to fifteen years old.  It is located north of the Metropolitain Boulevard on Pré Laurin Street, two blocks west of Lacordaire Boulevard.
The school was originally constructed in 1978 to accommodate elementary students.  The physical facilities of the school were modified to accommodate high school students and to meet the requirements for the teaching of secondary programs.  The facilities include twenty-two (22) regular classrooms, one (1) art room, two (2) media studies room, one (1) computer lab, two (2) science labs, one (1) gymnasium, one(1)fitness room, one (1) library, and two (2) staff rooms.  Cafeteria facilities including one (1) snack bar are also available.
Enrollment is approximately 435 students; 250 Secondary I students and 185 in Secondary II.  Due to the popularity of its’ middle school philosophy and its’ pedagogical orientations, we service students graduating from as many as sixteen (16) elementary schools.
Students travel to and from school by city bus. 
The majority of students at John Paul 1 hail from families where one or both parents are of Italian descent.  The balance of the school population is composed of students from varied cultural groups.  Many of the students speak Italian at home, English at school, and French within the geographical community.