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Second term

During the second term we will be covering the oral, reading, and writing competencies. The secondary one students will complete The Outsiders and begin Pay it Forward. Secondary two students are finishing The Absolutely True Dairy of a Part-Time Indian and will read Refugee. Both levels are also reading novels at the beginning of each class that have been chosen by the students. A video group project will be assigned dealing with The Outsiders. The secondary two class will be doing a project on the main theme of their novel. Both levels are now writing blogs based on selected topics. Both levels will also be exposed to persuasive writing while the secondary 2 level will participate in debates.

Students must remember...

It is vital that students must: come to class on time, come to class with the necessary materials, and complete their homework. Be aware of the school policy on late homework. The first day an assignment is late, a ten percent penalty will be issued. If the assignment is not handed in the following class, the student will receive a 0 for that assignment. Unless otherwise advised, all work is to be done on the computer following the MLA style (second term). Novel questions must be completed on-line and printed for class. If difficulties are encountered with printing at home, bring the file via a USB stick to school and print it at the library. You could also take a screen shot of the assignment and email a copy of the completed on-line work to me. You may then write out the assignment for class.

Plagiarism is a serious topic that will be addressed this term. Since plagiarized work is not the work of the student, anyone who plagiarizes or participates in plagiariam by loaning one's work, will receive a 0 for the assignment.

Music students are reminded that they need a set of headphones or earbuds for class. They must also have a proper cloth to clean the glass of the iPad before and after using the iPad.