Junior Student Council


LHA Junior Campus Student Council

The Student Council is a committee made up of a couple teachers and of about 10 grade 7 and 8 students. This committee gets together on a regular basis to discuss ways to make school life more enjoyable for the student body.  Events such as Halloween activities (dances, costume contest, door decorating contest), car washes, lunchtime competition involving teachers and student (Fear Factor, Minute to Win it, Who is Smarter than a 5th Grader, etc), dress down days, candy cane-o-gram and many other activities are organized by the Student Council throughout the school year.

Being a student council member isn’t only about organizing events. There are many expectations that members need to live up to.  You must set a good example for the rest of the student body by respecting the dress code, maintaining good grades, respecting school rules, etc.  Moreover, student council members have a very important role as they are the representing the student body’s interest. They need to be able to express those interests to the staff and the administration. This way, a student council member needs to collaborate with everyone.

You might wonder why a student would give so much of their time to respect all these rules and attending meetings. There are in fact quite a few advantages to being a Student Council member. As you brainstorm ideas for activities for your school, you learn about how to interact with others, how to respect their ideas and to make a positive contribution to a group. You learn about what it takes to organize successful events for an entire school. You also get to meet new people and make high school an unforgettable experience! When you look back at how involved you were with what was going on in your high school, you will be proud of yourself! It also becomes an important experience that will help your future when it is time to work with others and organize large scale events and effective meetings.

By: Ekra Karim (grade 8 student) and Ms. Leveillee (Head of Student Council)

2015-2016 Student Council Members

Name position
Meggy Hatin-Leveillee Head of Student Council
Lisa Fazzolari Assistant Head of Student Council
Marco De Vito Member
Kayla Boujja Member
Alessia Romanelli Member
Haleema Khan Member
Michael Aoun Member
Michkyla Fraser Member
Summer Klimas Member
Jonathan La Ricca Member
Anissa Miele Member
Saad Arshad Member
Anna Gennouzis Member
Kyriakos Dafniotis Member
Vanessa Collao Member
Qasim Farooq Member
Melissa Michailidis Member

Activities & Fundraisers

Back to School Bash
Halloween Activities / Costume Contest
Minute to Win it
Grade 7 vs Grade 8 Spirit Competition
Sports Games
Spelling Bee
Trivia Crack
Mental Math Competition
Scavenger Hunts
Relay Races
Holiday Candy Cane-O-Gram
Giant Easter Chocolate Raffle
Coin War
Free Dress or Accessory Days
Car Wash
Secretary Appreciation Week
Teacher Appreciation Week