LaurenHill Junior Campus Athletics


LaurenHill Academy Physical Education and Health

LaurenHill Physical Education and Health is that integral part of the curriculum that, through human movement, concentrates on the development of individuals' maximum physical potential and their related social, emotional, and intellectual growth.
The discipline's primary purpose is to assist the learner in developing:

  • Total physical fitness and lasting desire to maintain it;
  • Movement abilities ranging from functional life skills to those needed for participation in leisure activities;
  • A sense of self-worth and dignity;
  • Social competencies;
  • Safety awareness; and
  • An appreciation and understanding of specific sports.

Junior Sports

Bantam Touch Football

Bantam outdoor soccer

bantam indoor track and field


Bantam Indoor soccer

bantam Basketball

Cross-Country Running

Halo road race

Sports Resources

Greater Montreal Athletics Association

LHA Athletics Calendar