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oh no not more homework!

Yes, you have to do your homework, but we'll make it easier for you with these helpful resources, downloads and teacher websites.

Teacher Websites

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Math help services

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Mr. Mytko Ms. Somani


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Meggy Léveille Aliya Somani
Jamie Quinn Ms. Lambropoulos
Ms. Mishriky Ms. Fogel
Ms. Kocoris Ms. Cameron


Search for your teacher to find the assignment calendar of your class.

Madame Poitras Ms. Bombakos
Madame Bourbonnais  
Madame Langevin  

Student Bulletin

Final June Exams

2017 June Exam Sch AllongÉ

School Policies

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General Information

2016-2017 Remediation schedule

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2016-2017 School Calendar

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2016-2017 Event Calendar

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2016-2017 Agenda

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Homework Program

Monday to Wednesday from 3:15 to 4:15.

The junior campus after school homework program is a free service offered to all students. Students are expected to attend regularly. The program is staffed by teachers, tutors, and resource team members.


  • Provide additional academic assistance to students who need it, with a focus on those students who are a part of the Resource Team’s domain.  
  • Provide a quiet and structured environment for learning, remediation, test completion and homework.
  • Ensure quality tutors are hired and utilized throughout the year for the benefit of every learning style and curriculum requirement.  IE. Math specialist, French specialist, etc.

A good learning environment is crucial to the success of the students in the program. Therefore, any disruptive student will be removed from the program.

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