Minor But Memorable Acts and Major Achievements from Past and Present Students


(I'm sure I've missed many, so please do not hesitate to let me know of any omissions.)

1. Alex Spinali: Although he did not wreck his knee so he could spend more time indoors for chemistry, he was the only student who figured out the role of the salt bridge in an electrochemical cell while we were taking notes on the topic.

2. Matthew Basmadjian: There are two extremes. The overdone interaction on many social media, and the silence and passivity of some classrooms. Matthew helps establish a happy in-between by being my all time leader among students who ask good questions in class.

3. Muhan Patel: only student who could not be awakened from class nap with ammonia from test tube. We had to concentrate it on a paper towel to snap him out of his deep slumber. The next day he recognized the familiar smell from the endothermic reaction involving ammonium thyocyanate.

4. Denis Karabatsos: did not want the single bonus for participating in the mole run. He truly did it for the exercise.

5. Taofiq Aziz: first to finish 6.02 km mole run on 10/23. He did it without working up a sweat.

6. Naimur: did so well on his chemistry test that the city renamed the Namur metro station after him:



1. Claudia LaRue and Nicholas Gattuso were about to take a day off during the March 19th snowstorm until they realized they had chemistry class.

2. Naomi Abowa Kronkah's basketball teammate came to get her for an early dismissal, but Naomi made her wait because she had to double-check her test, which she aced.

Past Years

1. Rajen Patel(class of 2003) is now a major histocompatibility complex (MHC)researcher at the University of Ottawa. Upon publishing his first paper a couple of years ago, he said he was turned on to science after taking 436(somewhat like STE) in grade 10 at LHA.


2. Maurice R. came in just for 1st period chemistry and then went home to celebrate his Jewish holiday.

3. David Berardo came back from a Eurotrip. Despite missing several classes, upon returning he still took the test and got the highest mark.

4. Chris Servant was sick for two weeks. He insisted on taking the test anyway and had the highest mark. Earlier in the year he had used calculus to find the instantaneous rate in the flow of water lab.

5. 2011-12 Afzal Lila was forced to miss a month of chemistry to attend a wedding in India. But he made a monsoon of a comeback by getting a 94 on his January exam.