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What do we mean by "fill the chart for 14N etc"?

p7 Isotopes & Ions

p11Shell Diagrams

p 14 Balancing

p 18 Alkaline Earth

p 23 Halogens, Nobles

p 27 Ionic Bonding

LAB: Models

p 29 Covalent Bonding


p 32 trends


p 43 Naming Covalent & Mix

p 45 Avg Mass

p 49 Mole Intro

p 55 Easy Stoich

p56 (Part 2)

2014: Good news: since marks aren't due until 10 days past the end of term, we will be able to have 1 more test on November 7th.

Mole help

p 56 (Part 3)

Stoichiometry and Heat

p 59 Concentration

p 61 More Concentration

Toxicology p72

Extra Toxicology p73

Even More Extra Toxic Stencil

p75 Electrolytes

p78 pH

p 82 Specific Heat

p83 More Specific Heat



Dec 2015 Books Contest Continues: Starting only at recess on Monday, post a suggestion of how chemistry could help people in the future. Although the first 3 suggestions will each gain 2 points, people can keep coming up with ideas throughout the day. The most original idea between the beginning of recess and 5 PM, will get 7 points. Email me if you don't have Facebook.

p86 Exo/Endo

p 93 Radioactivity(fixed)

p 100 Mass, Force and Gravity

p104 Trig



p113-114 Work, Energy

p115 extra Work Energy(#'s 8 to 11)

Flintstone Stencil (3 now added)

Workbook Forces

p 118 (Coulomb's Law)

extra stencil series

extra stencil parallel

p 121 Series-Parallel

p 125 Combo Circuits

VIt = mcDT stencil

Field Trip circuits practice1

Field Trip circuits practice2


p134 Magnetism

Significant Figures Rules

Significant Figures HW answers

p 145 Pollution

Acid rain Slide Show

Ozone Slide show 

p148 Phosphorus Cycle

Extra phosphorusHW

p153 Genetics Questions

p 156 Protein Synthesis



Animation of Protein Synthesis



p162 Genetics Questions

2016 Stencil "More Heredity" In class examples and questions

2016 Stencil "More Heredity" With Answers

2013 in class exercise (conc, protein synthesis, genetics)


Olympics exercise

part 1 (scroll to 2nd page and part 2

extra Genetics stencil

Workbook Genetics

p167 Biotechnology

p167 Notes on Cloning and Water Treatment

2016 Review of Atm Contamination and Stoich

2016 Electrical Engineering Notes and HW Answers

Physics Review Answers

2016: What Happens When Sea (Pack) Ice Freezes (The booklet's notes are mostly accurate):

Switches: Notes

Switches HW answers

New (2016) Significant Figures Notes

Sig Fig Answers

Environmental Chemistry Notes(scroll down for global warming and ozone)


Competency 1

Leo holds test tube with bromothymol blue but base and acid have not entirely mixed creating blue on top and yellow(acidic solution)at the bottom.

Hydro/Physics In Class Exercise

Adam's Triple Beam Balance

Great example of potential energy! Thanks to Leticia for suggesting this superb high speed video.

EARTH DAY 2015 Project




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