Homework Answers

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p 4 Review

p11 Chemical Formulas

p 13-14 Cons.. of Mass

Advanced conservation of mass question

p16 Balancing

p20-21 Atomic Models

p24 Dots

p26 Ions

p31 Periodic table

More Periodic table practice(2015)

p36 Solubility


p39 Concentration

p 40 ppm

p44 conductivity

p47 and p49 Acids Bases


p 55 Efficiency

Energy Slide Show

Tides Notes

p 62 Tides HW

Tides Class Slideshow

p 66 Statics

p 69 Statics

p 75 Insulators



p 82 Ohm's Law

p 86 Switches

p91 Power

p100 Magnetism



Rock slide show with questions

p 106 Rocks


p109 Carbon Cycle or here


p113 NitrogenCycle

2016 March-Back Breaking Homework Questions


Global Warming Slide Show(notes)




Atmosphere Homework

Atmosphere Slides

p 116 Global Warming HW


p 119 Dynamics of Ecosystems(trophic levels) Stencil

Disturbances filled out notes and some HW answers

p117 slide slow on Ecosystems

Watershed Notes and Answers

2016 Permafrost-Watersheds_Glaciers-Slideshow

Oceans/Circulation Notes

Ocean Circulation HW

Ocean Circulation Answers

p124 Cryosphere: Glaciers,Permafrost Notes and Answers (with correction to no.10)

2016 Extra Ocean & Global Warming Questions

p 140 Gears

p 149 More Gears

Review Magnet/Gears Stencil

Review Stencil

p 155 Links and Transformation Systems Homework

Links/Transformation Stencil

Links/Transf Answers

Clearer Version of Lab Diagrams









LinksTransformations Notes


Animation And Explanation of Working Engine.

Bicycle Gear Ratios

Notes on Guiding Controls

p160 Guiding Control HW

Constraints Notes

p 166 Constraints HW

Technical Drawings; Motion Symbols Notes

Plastics, Composites Notes

Plastics, Composites HW

Tech Drawing HW-- see p76 of toolbox

Oceans Biodiversity Stencil Answers

Ocean Temperatures- Colored Map

Biodiversity, Disturbances Notes

Biodiversity HW

Parents' Permission Slip for Marcel Laurin Woodland Trip

Tech Review





Environmental Notes for short essay 

Air Masses Slides

p 132 Air Masses HW

Biomes Slides

Student Biomes Slides

p 139 Biomes

p 145 Population





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