2013 Lab Exam Study Questions and Notes

Oct 2010

Lab Pretest 1

2010 May Lab Exam Review

Study Guide for Term1 lab test(2009-2010)

January.Lab Exam Guide

Lab Tip 1:Knowing Your Equipment

Lab Tip 2: Using a Pipet

Lab Tip 3: Reasons to Wear Goggles

Volume of Hydrogen

Hydrogen Lab: #7: should say 2 sig figs, not three.

Vacuum Hose

Volume of Oxygen

Diagram for O2-Lab

Take Home Lab: Avogadro's Law

Demo Lab: Using Buoyancy to Get H2's Mass

Hess Law Lab Using Calorimetry to Find Mass%

Take Home Lab: Endothermic Reaction

Take Home Lab: Spectrophotometer Simulation

Study of Rates

Rate of Water Flow

Procedure for Disturbing Equilibrium: FeSCN

and wow... Theory behind Disturbing Equilibrium: FeSCN
Equilibrium Constant(with tips)

Take Home Equilibrium Constant Lab

Acid Dissociation Constant Lab

Redox Lab

Accompanying Diagram

Linear Regression on TI-83

Electrochemical Cell