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Textbook Answers

KMT p51,62

Ideal, Partial Pressure, Speed p113, 123

Molar Enthalpy, Bond Energies p163,169


Calorimetry p146

Ae and more cal (For #19 consult the appendix on page 420 in the textbook)

2015-16 Pretest 2.1 Questions

2015-16 Pretest 2.1 Answers

Democracy selected Hess Law and Bond Energies as flashback questions.

2015's Best-Selling Coffee Cup

2015-16 Pretest 2.2

Rate Ratios Practice

One of the Review Games Used

January 2016 Lab Exam Pretest


2012-13 Pretest 2.1

2012-13 lab portion of pretest 2.1

Old Lab Pretest

Chem Review Game Questions

Chem Review Game Answers

More Pretest 2.2
Type Questions


Difference between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis



p208 (textbook)

p306, p338(flashback,textbook)

p352 (more redox)







Extension(not part of course)