Chemistry Invades YouTube!!


LaurenHill Productions

Cu in Nitric Acid

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The Radiometer


Guess what's going on?


Students Demonstrate LeChatelier



Na in Puddle

(thx, Kristy for filming us)


302 Demo of Potassium and Iodine

Reduction of Cu+2

Bi2S2CaCu2O8 Superconductor

(other video from McGill WOW lab)

ZnO in Burning Methanol


% of LiCl in Unknown:

A Mission Impossible?

Ultraman Demo (link fixed)


Also try Khan Academy Chemistry Videos

Oscillating Reaction

Strong Acids

Weak Acids

Salt Dissolving

Thx Ms. Gotcherian for link

Exo: KMnO4 and Glycerin

Elements Song

Liquid Nitrogen and Charles Law


Dichromate Volcano With Hg(SCN)2Twist

Video with Hg(SCN)2only


Phosphorus Combustion


Why An Egg Turns White

The Periodic Table of Videos: A video for every element!

World's Largest van de Graaf Generator: Boston Museum of science    

Why the Sky is Blue

Halloween Pumpkin Chemistry

Science Spoof of Lady Gaga: frustrations of a bad project

Also see:

(thanks to Mohammed for providing the link)

Learn about the science of gelato or Save as mp3

Iqra's Drawing in Chem13 News Magazine

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