Reasons To Stay Motivated In Terms 3 and 4


Soon CEGEPS will be sending out those early acceptances, and it will be tempting to coast until the finish line since only a major disaster will cause colleges to change their minds.


But by mailing you that letter, CEGEPS are only looking out for themselves. They hand out acceptances as early as they can, not for your benefit but because they are anxious to start the paper work to secure government funding.


So why stay motivated?


(1)           Many universities not only ask for CEGEP marks but also for final high school report transcripts. That means terms 3, 4 and final exams count!

(2)           From February to June, we still teach new material and skills that you’ll need in years to come.

(3)           If you start to coast now, 6 months before you start college, you may find it difficult to suddenly switch into high gear in a new and more challenging environment. It is one reason why some students either drop out of CEGEP or switch programs.

(4)           LaurenHill hands out many awards and scholarships at graduation. These are based on the first three terms of work, and as tie-breakers, fourth term marks are also used.