Ban Multiple Choice

In 2004, the Red Sox won the World Series, and the Canadian government took serious steps towards removing trans-fats from our grocery shelves. There is even talk of doing away with smoking from Quebec bars. So while the world is changing, why not also ban multiple choice questions from our schools?

For the sake of standardization, someone created a real monstrosity. As a student, if I really know my stuff, do I need the crutch of being able to see the answer in the presence of incorrect choices? Is my writing so atrocious that whoever is testing me only wants to see a list of four letters of the alphabet? Is my teacher so lazy or busy that (s)he only wants to spend 30 seconds evaluating my work? Or does the ministry of education have zero-confidence in our teachers' abilities to evaluate fairly and uniformly? When new problems arise in real life, do they surface as multiple choice questions?

These are questions that serious students should be asking themselves. But being human, they love the path of least resistance. The pressure to eliminate this insult to our intelligence will not come from them. It has to come from the ministry of education.