Trends Solutions



a.         Mg

b.         Na

c.         K

d.         Ca+1 ( wants to be Ca+2)

e.         Rb

f.          Br

g.         Rb

h.         Cl

i.          Mg

j.          Mg


2.         Fr


3.         At


4.         F


5.         a.         K

            b.         Br

c.         Ba

d.         Li

e.         Fr

f.          Hf


6.         A


7.         only A is TRUE


8.         C


9.         Within a group(family) size increases with atomic number(you're adding more shells)

Within a period size decreases from left to right.(more protons to pull in the saem number of shells)


10. atomic radius decreases and ionization energy increases.


11. No. See Co and Ni; Te and I and there are three more exceptions in the last period.