p63 solutions


1.                  3

2.                  a.   C and D                       b.         reverse poles and draw lines from N to S

3.                  a. yes         b. no    c. no     d. yes

4.                  B

5.                  C

6.                  5 only

7.                  A will swing toward the South end of the horseshoe magnet, and B will swing toward the north.

8.                  1 and 2

9.                  a.   left        b.         up

10.              D

11.              D

12.              B

13.              2 and 3 (remember: although the N pole is at the bottom, at the 3 o’clock position(where the compass is) the magnetic field lines point up, and they will be lined up with the compass needle.

14.              A repels