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2016 Theory Exam Breakdown:

2016 Study Booklet With Examples from School Board

June 2015 Answers Part 1 (see me I have extra copies of the exam)

2015 Multiple Choice Answers

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

June 2009 Exam

June 2009 answers

2016: What Happens When Sea (Pack) Ice Freezes (The booklet's notes are mostly accurate)





Outline for June 2016 Exam



Material World Review With Examples

Earth and No Space Review & Examples

Technology Review & Examples

Formulas Given on Exam

2013 Review 1

2013 Review 1 Answers

2014 Lab Exam Study Guide

We were forced to take down reviews 2 and 3 because the authors were unwilling to share their questions.


Some Often Forgotten Topics




MIDYEAR 2015-16 Exam Review

Jeopardy for January

Scan of Formulas Given to You in January Exam ( add V= IR to the short list)

January 2015 Exam (last year's)

Answers to 2015 Exam (last year's; this year's will be Jan 2016 in case you thought for a moment that we were posting the answers!)

Review 1: 2013 Exam (skip #s 13, 15, 24, 25 & 26)

Answers to 2013 exam

Reviews 2 and 3

(skip #s 32 to 39 and 41 to 42)

Solutions to parts 2 and 3

January Lab Exam Review Notes and Exercises








2011 Exam (careful because some topics tested then will not be tested this year)

2011 Exam Answers

Miss Pang's 2012 Review

(careful again because some topics tested then will not be tested this year. See the outline in 2013 ST THEORY EXAM Topics: Are You Ready? )

Miss Pang's 2012 Answers


ST Review 1 With Some June 2010 Questions


ST Review 2

Answers to review 2

Review 3 (Links, gears)

Answers to Review 3

Madagascar LES from Dean Graddon


Study Guide for Final Lab Exam

MIDYEAR 2013-14 Exam Review


Scan of Formulas Given to You in January Exam

Last Year's Exam

Answers to last year's exam

Review 1: parts 1 and 2

Solutions to parts 1 and 2




REVIEW 1 iconpdf

(new problems have been added)

Answers to REVIEW 1iconpdf

REVIEW 2iconpdf Do this one too!

Answers to REVIEW 2iconpdf (now complete)



DEC 2011 Lab Exam Study Guide