How to get the T-83 or T-83 Plus to do a Linear Regression.



  1. Press the STAT button.
  2. Select EDIT.
  3. Under L1, enter your x values.
  4. Under L2, enter your y values.
  5. Press the STAT button again.
  6. Select CALC.
  7. After the ďLinReg(ax+b)Ē that appears type in †††L1, L2 . Donít leave a space, and donít forget the comma.


What the calculator is doing is that itís drawing the best possible straight line through data points. Itís making sure that the sum of the errors of points above the line cancels with the sum of the errors of point below the line. It then gives you the slope(a) and y intercept(b) for such a line. The r value gives you an idea of how close your points are to the line. The closer r is to one, the better the data points are.