Phys Sc 430-2003-04

Pretest 1.3 (continuation) 

Questions on Trends


1.                   Arrange the following elements in order of increasing atomic volume.


Ca        Mg       Be        Sr         Al


Be< Al<Mg< Ca< Sr


2.                   Describe what happens to the size of elements as you move from left to right across a period of the periodic table. ( A period is a horizontal row.)


They decrease in size.


3.                   Arrange the following elements in order of increasing melting point.



K         Rb        Cs        Li




4.                   Describe what happens to the boiling points of halogens as atomic number increases.


They increase.


5.                   TRUE? Or FALSE?


a.                   Carbon is bigger then boron because it has an extra proton.__F

b.                   Fluorine is smaller than oxygen because of its extra electron.__F

c.                   Silicon is smaller than aluminum because Si has an extra proton and yet the same number of electron shells as its neighbour.___T_

d.                   Kr is bigger then Ar because the former has an extra electron shell.___T_