Relaxation; Beauty; Art! The Aesthetics industry is dynamic and constantly growing. This program enables students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required in the use of specialized equipment and beauty care products for facials, hand, foot and back care, basic make-up application, waxing, as well as carry out reception duties and sales tasks in relation to customer needs.

We are committed to helping students work towards achieving their career goals by offering training programs, practical instruction and personal attention so they will develop the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive workplace.

Duration of the program: 1350 Hours
Classes: Monday through Friday (Day classes available)
Program Cost: Please contact Centre for specific program cost

Certification of studies: D.V.S. (Diploma of Vocational Studies)

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Title of Module Hours
The Occupation and the Training Process 15
Hygiene and Safety 30
Apparatus and Equipment 30
Body Systems 90
Interpersonal Communication 30
Skin Analysis 60
Professional Relationships 15
Cosmetology 90
Manual Massage 60
Basic Facials 120
Daily Management 30
Personalized Sales 45
Basic Makeup 105
Manicure 60
Wax Hair Removal Treatments 105
Facial Treatments 120
Personalized Makeup 60
Foot Care 30
Face Care 90
Back Care 30
Information on Body Care 30
Entering the Labour Force 105