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Parent Participation Organization

Parents are welcome and strongly encouraged to volunteer in the school, either directly with the homeroom teacher, for various committees as well as for special projects. Each year a number of parents generously give their time to help students and staff. Interested parents and citizens are encouraged to communicate with the school office and/or specific teachers.

Members 2017-2018
Nancy Greco Volunteer Patrizia Vaccaro Volunteer
Jennifer Vicino Volunteer Sonia Starinieri Volunteer
Anna Di Giosia Volunteer Marilena Falcone Volunteer
Josee Morello Volunteer Laura Teoli Volunteer
Josie Rossi Volunteer Marie Teoli Volunteer
Grace Sticozzi Volunteer Gina Costanzo Volunteer
Vanessa Cabral Volunteer Adelina Ianniciello Volunteer
Giovanna Valcelli Volunteer Grace Petrone Volunteer
Enza Mastromatteo Volunteer Sognia Milone Volunteer
Lisa Scione Volunteer Maria Mattiace Volunteer
Damiano Minuto Volunteer Lea Dizazzo Volunteer
Rosanna Palermo Volunteer Enza Mercaldi Volunteer
Linda Zegarelli Volunteer Maria Monaghan Volunteer
Stella Saravo Volunteer Raffaella Femia Volunteer
Sylive Ratic Volunteer Carollynn Tremblay Volunteer
Mary Marsala Volunteer Julie Petrilli Volunteer
Lisa Lauro Volunteer Rosie Mirarchi Volunteer
Melinda Belo Volunteer Rosie Ciambrone Volunteer
Mary Racaniello Volunteer Maddelena Torulli Volunteer
Jennifer Tacci Volunteer Myriam Bourgeois Volunteer
Tricia Gaudreau Volunteer Tonia De Santis Volunteer
Julie Kushnir Volunteer Daniela Antonecchia Volunteer
Elsa Mirarchi Volunteer Gianni Cerroni Volunteer
Antoinette Pennimpede Volunteer Farah Fede Volunteer
Mariella Lambito Volunteer Josie Scalia Volunteer
Grace Lobasso Volunteer Tammy Hesketh Volunteer
Lina Ferrante Volunteer Grace Staffa Volunteer
Lucy Simas Volunteer Mariella Zambito Volunteer
Sonia Cardinale Volunteer Lynda Licata Volunteer
Stephanie Passucci Volunteer Sabina Santamaria Volunteer
Arelie Pareja Volunteer Maygan Gaudreault Volunteer
Lina Ferrante Volunteer Grace Staffa Volunteer