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Code of Conduct and Responsibilities

1. School Attendance

Mountainview School believes that all students should attend their classes every day. Regular attendance is expected for all classes and is essential for good performance. Regular school attendance develops habits of self-discipline and responsibility. Excessive absences, whether excused or unexcused, may greatly affect the students’ grades and is the single greatest cause of poor achievement. Successful students attend school consistently.

Students who are absent must have their absence confirmed either by phone or a note by their parent, group home or legal guardian before reacceptance into the school when they return.

Students may leave the school during the day, outside of school activities, only for an appointment confirmed by their parent, group home or legal guardian by phone or a note.

Students who fall so ill during the day that they cannot remain in school must return with a valid medical note from a clinic or doctor.

Students who are ill at the beginning of the day should remain at home for that day.

Group Homes, Parents, and Guardians are asked not to give their children permission to leave the school, unless for a serious unforeseen occurrence, or appointment as specified above.

School hours are as follows:

9:00 am - 2:15 pm - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (WOTP Program only)

9:00 am – 3:05 pm – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (rest of school)

9:00 am - 12:35 pm - Tuesday (staff meeting in the afternoon)

2. School Lateness

Punctuality is a vital life skill in both the workplace and in personal relationships as well. Thus all students are expected to be in school and in class on time. Students who arrive late with a valid reason confirmed by their parent, group home or guardian will not be counted late. (Sleeping in, malfunctioning alarm clocks, missing the bus etc. are not considered valid.)  Mountainview School monitors the traffic reports, bus, metro and train delays to ensure that students are treated fairly. Students should not time their arrival to the very last minute and depend on the last possible bus to bring them to school on time. Mountainview School opens for students at 8:10 am. The gym is available as well as a small free breakfast from 8:30-8:45 am in the kitchen. Our Early Bird weekly draw is a fun way to encourage student punctuality. Students are encouraged to arrive early so as to be fully prepared to enter the first period ready to study and achieve.

Students who enter late must report to the childcare workers’ office and will receive a late pass. Students arriving late will not be allowed to enter their class without a late pass. Students are permitted 2 late arrivals per month without penalty but parents, group homes, and guardians will be informed nevertheless. Students who arrive late past Period 1, 9:50 am, without a confirmed valid excuse, will not be accepted and must return the next day with a parent, group home or guardian. The third late will result in the student receiving a letter stating that he/she can only return to school accompanied by a parent, group home or guardian to plan how to arrive on time. Use of the Detention room and possible suspensions may occur should the situation become chronic.

3. Student Discipline

Student achievement occurs in a school community where mutual respect and safety are of prime importance. Our Code of Conduct exits to ensure that all students learn in a harmonious setting.

Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to:

Acts which interfere with the learning of others.

Actions which endanger the physical well-being of anyone in the school community (either during or after school hours, on or off school property).

Disrespect towards members of the staff, guests, or fellow students.

Actions which show disrespect for school property, including the personal property of staff, students and visitors.

Actions which are considered damaging to the reputation or well-being of the school (either during or after school hours, on or off school property).

Actions which are considered to show, or even suggest, racial, sexual, religious or gender harassment, verbal or physical.

Language which is inappropriate, vulgar, aggressive, demeaning or attacking to members of staff or fellow students.

Any behaviour which the school deems to have a negative impact on the harmonious running of the school.

Disciplinary recommendations may range from counselling to detentions, suspensions and expulsions. The final disciplinary decisions rest with the school principal.

4. Substance Abuse

Mountainview School recognizes that substance abuse, alcohol and drugs, is a societal problem and is concerned with its potential physical and mental harm on our students as well as their ability to learn and reach their full potential.

The English Montreal School Board prohibits on its property or at its functions the use, possession or trafficking by students of substances which are unlawful under the regulation of Quebec, Canada or in contravention of Board Policy. These include but are not limited to alcohol, illicit drugs, inhalants, and prescription drugs used without the authority of a physician.

If a student is found in possession of, or is deemed by school authorities to have used a substance prohibited by this policy, the substance will be confiscated for appropriate disposal by the school principal, the police will be contacted if a law has been broken, and a severe sanction will follow. All cases where a student has breached this policy will be documented.

The consequences of this serious offense may range from mandatory counselling to suspension and expulsion.

5.  Smoking

Mountainview School recognizes that smoking tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, pipes etc. is a societal issue and that youth are a particularly susceptible target group. Quebec provincial law prohibits the use of tobacco on school grounds for everyone, students and adults. Furthermore, due to our school policy students are prohibited from leaving our grounds during the school day. This includes during the morning before classes begin, recess and lunch breaks. Thus our students are prohibited from smoking during the school day. This ban includes trips outside our building during school hours. Thus our students should not be smoking during the school day, in or out of school.

In the morning those students who wish to smoke should do so before entering our school grounds which includes all the property surrounding the school up to the sidewalks. Once the students enter our school property they are not permitted to leave or to smoke. Thus they should extinguish their cigarettes, etc. before they enter our grounds, not on the way into the building, and should wait to light up only after they have left our property after school, not on the way out. The STM prohibits smoking inside its bus shelters as well. Individual students, as well as the school itself, are liable for severe fines from provincial inspectors should these regulations be broken and thus we ask that you comply with the above.

Students who consistently break these rules will be dealt with severely.

The school encourages those students who do smoke and wish to stop to contact our school nurse for “Stop Smoking” programs.

6. Dress Code

At Mountainview School we ask that parents, group homes and guardians support the school’s dress code by ensuring that their child is properly attired before leaving in the morning. We do not require a uniform but we do require a dress code which sets a positive example and promotes a learning atmosphere. Clothing should be clean, in proper repair (without holes) and worn so that undergarments remain invisible. Common sense should prevail.

Examples of unacceptable clothing include, but are not limited to:

Clothing, jewellery, and head attire which depict drugs, alcohol, violence profanity or other inappropriate messages or language

Ripped, torn clothing or clothing with holes

Muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, tube tops, see-through clothing, or any clothing considered too revealing for a school atmosphere

Clothes showing uncovered midriffs

Clothes showing visible undergarments

Sleepwear, pyjamas

Any clothing, jewellery or head attire considered by school authorities to have a negative impact on the school.

In particular hats, tuques, bandannas, visors, wave caps and any other head attire are not to be worn in school, not even in the gym. Upon entering the school proceed to your locker and place all the above in your locker before you begin any activities. Do not wear any of the above at recess or lunch as well in the school. If you wish to go into the courtyard and need your head attire put it on outside the building, and then remove it when you re-enter the building.

Bandannas, handkerchiefs, or any other type of kerchief should not be seen in school at all. They are not to be worn in any fashion including, but not limited to, the head, neck, arms, hands, leg, ankles etc. They should not be sticking out of pockets, pants, socks or any part of clothing or be worn as a belt or any other accessory of clothing. Take them off before entering the school building and do not put them on until outside the school building. Students who do not cooperate with this policy will have their bandannas confiscated and returned to a responsible adult.

Coats, jackets, mittens, scarves and any other outside clothing must be removed and placed in your locker upon arrival at school. If you are cold please leave a sweater or sweatshirt in your locker for this purpose. If you do not have one, the school will lend you a long sleeve shirt to wear. Students who do not comply will be asked to leave the building if all attempts to resolve this properly fail.

Sunglasses must be removed and placed in your lockers as well after entering the school building. Do not wear them in school at all.

Students wearing inappropriate clothing will be offered clean substitutes to wear. If students refuse to change they will be sent home and be welcome back when appropriately dressed.

7. Food Policies

Mountainview School provides all its students with a free breakfast and lunch. Students who want breakfast can come into the kitchen between 8:30-8:45 for a breakfast. At 8:45 the kitchen closes so if you want breakfast do not come in with a couple of minutes to go and expect breakfast to be prepared. Lunchtime, 12:35-1:25, is a time for all the school, students and staff, to enjoy a meal in a decent, quiet atmosphere. Meals are eaten in the lunchroom not the gym or hallways. When entering the lunchroom, please line up at the counter and be patient until you are served. When sitting at the table please ensure that proper manners are observed and that conversation is low key and pleasant. Please wait until everyone has been served before asking for second helpings. Students who contribute to a negative atmosphere through negative conversations, or negative comments toward the food will be asked to leave the kitchen and may have to eat in another room for the lunch period, or longer.

As the food is prepared outside our building and we do not have a definite menu, there may be days when food arrives that a student does not particularly like. Students may bring a meal, or frozen meal and leave it in our fridge or freezer. They have access to a microwave at lunch should they wish to warm up their own meal. Students cannot order in food, and cannot leave the building to go shopping at recess or lunch, so they must either bring their own meal or eat what is available.

If a student has a particular food allergy or aversion to certain foods then the school should be notified at registration and proper precautions and/or arrangements regarding meals will be made.

8. Leaving School During the Day

At Mountainview School our relationship with our surrounding community is very important. We are good neighbours and need to remain so. Thus our agreement with the community is that during the school day, unless accompanied by school staff, students must remain in our building or go outside in our courtyard only. Staff will not accompany students outside for personal shopping or to smoke. When students arrive in the morning and enter our grounds they may not leave, even if school has not yet begun. During the entire school day students must remain in school or in our courtyard area, including at both recess and lunch times. Mountainview provides many extra-curricular activities such as sports tournaments, exterior recreation at the field or indoor hockey rink, visits to museums and plays, etc. and students may leave accompanied by staff, but not on their own. Students who require an early dismissal for an appointment or other activity must have it confirmed by phone or note by their parent, group home or legal guardian. Students who leave the school premises without permission are considered suspended and cannot return without an appointment with a responsible adult and the school administration.

9. Electronic Devices

Electronic devices can interfere with the school’s ability to ensure a respectful, educational atmosphere and thus students are requested to use these devices in a responsible fashion.

Students must keep their cell phones, beepers, I-pods, walkmans, MP3s, videogames and any other electronic devices turned off and stored in their lockers during school hours.


However, the use of I-pods, walkmans, MP3s and other music listening devices is permitted before school, at recess or at lunch in a manner that does not interfere with others’ right to a quiet, decent atmosphere. These devices must be returned to the students’ lockers when classes begin.

The use of cell phones, beepers and other communication devices is not permitted at all The taking of photos with a cell phone without permission is a serious invasion of privacy and is a serious offence.

Students who need to communicate with their parents, group homes, guardians, or with a medical, dental, court, social worker or other appointment may use the phone in the childcare workers’ office with their permission and at their discretion.

10. Internet Policy

Access to a high-speed internet is provided to all Mountainview students. It is expected that this privilege will be used in a responsible fashion. Students need to follow these policies:

The internet is provided as a tool for academic research and work. Users are not to access sites containing information or images that are pornographic, defamatory, demeaning, racist, or negative as defined by the school authorities.

Students cannot use the internet to transmit information or data that reflects badly on the reputation of Mountainview School, its staff or student body.

Work stations are for academic purposes. The unauthorized playing of games is not permitted.

Students are not to download or install software of any kind on the school’s work stations.

Storage or exchange of files unrelated to a student’s academic activities is not permitted.

Damaging or removal of files belonging to another user is considered vandalism.

Any attempt to bypass or compromise in any manner the security settings of the network servers, or individual stations, or to prevent another from using the school stations or network is not permitted.

A student who uses Mountainview School’s technology resources in any manner deemed unacceptable by our staff may lose his/her technology privileges or face another severe sanction.

Should a student damage in any fashion a work station or the network itself, he/she will be liable for all the costs of its repair or replacement.

11. Cyber-misconduct

Cyber-misconduct or “cyber-bullying” is emerging as a challenging issue facing schools, parents and students. Mountainview School wishes to work together with our adult and student community to prevent this behaviour.

Students should follow these guidelines to help prevent cyber-bullying:

Never give out personal information online including instant messaging (IM) profiles, chat rooms, blogs or personal websites.

Students should never tell anyone, except their parents, their personal passwords, not even friends.

Do not respond to a threatening message. Save it, print it and show it to a parent, guardian, or school authority.

Students should never open an e-mail from someone they do not know or from someone they know to be a bully.

Students should not post anything online they would not want their classmates to see.

Students should not send messages when they are angry.

Since most cyber-bullying occurs at home, parents need to be informed and take steps to prevent it. The following guidelines may help:

Keep the home computer in a busy area of the home, not in a student’s room.

Discuss cyber-bullying with your children, ask if they have been victimized and emphasize that it is not their fault if they have been.

Emphasize that your children will not lose computer privileges if they reveal that they have been bullied. This is the main reason that it remains a secret.

Support your children’s efforts to confront the cyber-bully through the proper school or legal authorities.

Cyber-misconduct is considered both harassment and a criminal act and will be dealt with accordingly. Students are not permitted, either inside or outside of school to use the internet, instant messaging systems, or any form of electronic communication to:

Send cruel, vicious, demeaning, racist or negative messages as defined by school or legal authorities.

Create a website that ridicules or demeans anyone in any way.

Post pictures of students, or any school personnel online and ask students to rate them.

Break into an e-mail account and post embarrassing, cruel material there.

Trick someone into revealing personal information and forward it to others.

Take unauthorized pictures of someone and send them to others electronically or otherwise.

Notwithstanding the above, use the electronic communication networks to engage in any negative behaviour as defined by school authorities.

12. Theft/Damage of School Property / Lockers

Mountainview School provides a safe environment for students and their possessions but needs the students’ cooperation to ensure that their personal belongings, as well as staff, visitors’ and school property, remain safe. To ensure that this happens:

Students are given a free locker and lock to secure their personal property.

There is no charge for these as long as they are kept in good order, undamaged.

It is the students’ responsibility to lock up and secure their personal belongings. As noted previously, all electronics, valuables and outdoors clothing must be locked away before the student enters class.

Any student found attempting to steal or having stolen items at school will be suspended, may be charged and further consequences may follow.

That student will need to return or reimburse the value of the item(s) stolen before re-entry into school.

Any attempt to damage or damaging school property purposefully will result in a suspension.

The student will need to reimburse the value of the damaged item(s) before returning to school.


13.School Safety

Mountainview School’s Safe School policy is here to ensure the safety and security of students, staff and guests.  Therefore the following will apply:

Contraband material such as weapons, drugs and alcohol, or any material deemed by school authorities to be harmful, are not permitted on school property.

  1. In order to ensure safety and security, the school authorities may conduct random searches.  The process will be carried out respecting the students’ rights to bodily integrity, but, nevertheless, if a student refuses a request to be searched, he/she will be asked to leave the school and return with a parent, group home staff or legal guardian to resolve the matter.

14. Washrooms

Mountainview School recognizes the importance of keeping the washrooms clean and spotless and we ask our students to co-operate with this important health concern. To ensure the security of all our students the following needs to be noted:

The washrooms are locked.

The childcare workers are available to open the washroom when necessary.

Only one student at a time is let into the washroom.

If a student needs to use the washroom during class time, he/she needs to ask for a hall pass from the teacher and then gives it to the childcare worker who will sign it when the student returns to class and returns it to the teacher.

Students should, as much as possible, use the washrooms during break times

15. Medication

Students who require medication during the school day must follow these procedures:

Parents, group homes or guardians must inform the school that the student requires medication.

They must provide the prescription, medication and directions to the childcare staff.

The student must voluntarily agree to take the medication.

They must sign an authorization form provided by the school.

16. The Sale, Purchase and Trading of Goods at School

Mountainview School does not allow the selling, buying, or trading of any goods in the school, or after school as well. Thus students should not be selling cigarettes, electronic goods, clothing or anything else in school. Students are not permitted to trade goods as well. These transactions lead to quarrels, disputes and disappointment and can be used as a subtle means of bullying and are not allowed. Students should not be buying, selling, or trading goods with fellow Mountainview School students after school off our property as well. We ask our adult community to support this policy to minimize disruptions to the students’ educational progress.

17. School Fees

Mountainview School charges no student fees but still needs to provide students with all the necessities for school. The fees for workbooks, photocopying, exercise books, and writing materials such as pens, pencils, coloured pencils, etc., mathematical equipment such as calculators and geometry sets, art supplies, and many other disposables normally included in student fees are absorbed by the school. We only ask our students to understand this fact and treat our equipment and supplies with respect. Students, who wilfully break, damage, waste or misuse our equipment and supplies will be charged for them.

Mountainview School organizes many outings during the year such as tubing and ski trips, outdoor adventure trips, bowling excursions, film and theatre outings, sugaring off trips and many others. Occasionally a small fee may be charged for some of the outings, but a student is never excluded due to financial circumstances. Do not give your children money for any school activity unless you have received a written notification on Mountainview School letterhead to that effect. If you are unclear or concerned please call the school before giving out any money.