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  • May 17: Transition to HS
  • May 18: Halo Run
  • May 22: Holiday, School Closed
  • May 26: Last Pizza Day
  • Gardening activities have started!
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    Newsletter & Calendar

    The May Calendar and Newsletter are available for download on the Parent Resource page.

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    Summer School Transition Courses

    Open to all students entering their first year of high school in September, this course will help students improve their elementary math skills and prepare them for high school math topics.

    Information is located on the homepage of the EMSB Website, please visit the website by clicking on the link below:

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    S.O.S Learn Spring Session

    SOS Tutoring

    Experienced, qualified teachers are available online to help students with homework, study and review sessions in many subjects. Take advantage of this free service for all Quebec students. Register through the Edu Group Portal or at

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    Parkdale's Community Garden

    We are looking for families to get involved with the school garden, from May to August. Learn tips for gardening, and bring home delicious, organic vegetables and herbs throughout the summer.

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    Planting Seeds for the Garden


    The gardening seasons has begun, as all gardens do, with some seeds, some soil, and keen gardeners learning all about plant care in their classroom.

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    Books, Bears and Blankets Family Event


    On the evening of March 31st, Parkdale families came to school to celebrate the much-anticipated closing event of I Love to Read Week: Books, Bears and Blankets!
    Family favourites were the book tent, the bookmark station, the origami out of old books, and the letter-writing station. The Teddy Bear clinic was a huge success: Every stuffed animal came out good as new, under the care of Dr. Jeannette, Teddy Bear doctor extraordinaire!
    A special thank you to our community partners:
    Ville Saint Laurent Libraries
    Canadian Parents for French
    Write_On Campaign

    Photo Gallery

    Virtual Choir

    class pictures

    For the second year in a row, Parkdale students participated in a province-wide virtual choir. They learned a song in French, and joined their voices to anglophones all across Quebec. Congratulations to our grade 5 students and their wonderful music teacher, Ms. Susie! A special thank-you to Marla from Canadian Parents for French, for making this project possible!

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    March Break Camp... en Français!

    class pictures

    This year's camp was a great success, with 30 students from both anglophone and francophone schools of our community, coming together to play and practice their French!
    This camp was a collaboration between Parkdale CLC and CARI Saint-Laurent, and was made possible with the help of our partners: Canadian Parents for French; Une École Montréalaise Pour Tous; Vert-Cité; Vanier College and Affordance Studios; Dawson College - CRLT program; Musée des Maîtres et artisans du Québec; FIFEM.

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    Students in Action!

    class pictures

    Ever wanted to have a peek into a classroom and see what wonderful activities and projects take place at Parkdale? Click below to access the photo gallery for each room!

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