What Happened In Ottawa?

In Ottawa, we went to 3 museums and the Parlament Hill. We also ate in a Mc Donalds.

In the Museum of Nature, we saw many amazing things. It was all about animals, plants and natural disasters. We saw animals like rats, bugs, bears, buffalo and snakes. We saw sections about rocks and minerals, and the human body.

Then we went to Parlament Hill. We saw so many buildings. We went to the Summer Pavilion too. We saw Bird Island from there. We learnt that in 1816, all the buildings burnt down except for the library because the person who was in charge there decided to close the steel doors so the flames wouldn’t get in.

The Museum of Civilization was amazing! There was an exhibit about Bog People and on the next floor, there was an entire village that was made to look like a night in Quebec centuries ago. There were so many interesting things!

The Museum of Science and Technology rocked! There was a Krazy Kitchen. There were also many short workshops throughout the museum .We also went into train .It was very cool.

Then we went to MC DONALDS for supper. When our teacher scratched her scratch card, the first square read “You could win $25 000”. It took 15 minutes to scratch the other one. Then, a boy with the initials A.M. screamed out “MISS YOU WON!!!” even though she didn’t. We started laughing like mad!

Then we went home and our bathroom was out of order. Our trip was super.