Inquiry based Learning using the Internet


8:30 am Welcome & Housekeeping
  • Introductory remarks
  • Introduce Animators team
  • Focus of the day
  • PowerPoint on WebQuests

9:10 am Warm-up

9:30 am WebQuests for learning...

  • Article, "WebQuests for Learning: Why WebQuests?" an introduction, Tom March
    • Individuals read and in teams discuss reactions to article.
  • Brainstorming:
    • Following the reading of the article each table receives a laptop computer to answer a question related to the article.
    • Teams will adopt the following 4 roles for this activity: Animator, Recorder, Reporter, and Timekeeper.
    • Team members brainstorm responses to the questions and using the program, "Microsoft Word" the Reporter documents the answer.
10:15 am- BREAK

10:45 am - WebQuest Familiarization (Tech Fam Tour)

1:00 pm

  • Processing for feedback