Suggestions for Student Tech Teams


Your student tech team (STT) could be made up of Cycle 3 students:

·      Students from first year cycle 3 and from second year.

·      This way students that are first year cycle 3 will still be in your school to train a new batch of first year cycle 3 students  in the following year.


Within the STT have student pairs that consist of one first year cycle 3 student,  and one second year cycle 3 student. The different student pairs can be “experts” on different peripherals.

·      The STT should probably be no larger than 8 students (4 pairs)

·      Student pairs can become experts on how to use the:

Ö     Scanner

Ö     Digital camera

Ö     Making a folder, inserting an image into a program

Ö     Creating a link in Netscape Composer

Ö     Etc…


Training the STT:

·      Perhaps a teacher in the school that knows how to use these peripherals can train the STT with another teacher.

·      Step by step instructions (job aids) on how to use the digital camera and the scanner could be made.

·      The scanner job aids could be taped on to the top of the scanner.

·      The digital camera job aid could be placed with the digital camera.


When a class requires assistance they can then call upon the STT to help them out.

·      A list of the STT members can be available to all teachers.

·      When the STT goes into a class for an intervention, they should show students (where feasible) how to do the task in question rather than do it for them.

·      Students from the STT should not be taken out of their classroom for long periods of time.