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An interactive Internet site for kindergarten

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This project can be completed in French OR English.


What is the goal? To familiarize kindergarten students with the alphabet and to develop their Internet literacy skills.

Why? and How? Everyone does the alphabet in kindergarten. Alphabet Adventure Gallery is a different way of examining a letter of the alphabet by using technology as a tool. Every participating class will be assigned a letter to do with their class. One of the activities that your class will be asked to do is to draw different pictures of things beginning with the particular letter assigned to your class. With the class, you will then scan these pictures. For the next activity you record the student explaining what their picture is. For example, "'W' is for whale...". Once you have completed these two activities with your class you send it in to me via E-mail (or FTP) and it will be placed on the Alphabet Adventure Gallery web site.

The Alphabet Adventure Gallery site is an interactive site, which means that the students get to go on it and see/hear their work. They also get to see everyone else's work, as the entire Alphabet Adventure Gallery will be full of pictures and sounds. While going through the site students will become more acquainted with the alphabet and they will learn how to navigate the web, among other valuable Internet literacy skills.

How do I sign up?

What technology do I need?

You'll need:
  • Access to Email to receive instructions, support, and to send your completed work.
  • A scanner to scan the pictures the children draw.
  • A computer with a sound card and headphones or speakers.
  • A microphone attached to your computer to record the children's messages. Recent Macintosh computers have a built-in mike and the required software. Windows users will have to buy a mike (20$).

What skills do I need? What help will I get?

In this project you will learn:
  • How to use a scanner to scan pictures.
  • How to save the pictures you scanned.
  • How to use a microphone to record on a computer.
  • How to save a sound file.
  • How to send pictures and sounds attached to an E-mail message OR how to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) the work onto a server.

To begin with, you need to know how to send and receive E-mail and how to reply to an E-mail message. The rest you will learn as you participate in the project. Support will be given by the CEMIS consultants in their respective regions. (To find out who is the CEMIS resource person in your area, visit the anglophone CEMIS page)

If you wonder what a CEMIS is and does, visit Peter Bilodeau's "What's a CEMIS anyway?"

What are the project phases? Click here to find out.

The project is eligible for a GrassRoots grant of $5500 if at least eight classes register. The money can be used for teacher release time.


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