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Cycle I: Cooperative Learning and ICT*
Given: April 26, 2000
Sabine Cossette, Terry Saba


The resource folder should include the following items:

A photocopy of:
Sites for Cycle 1
QESN Connection
ICT Exit Profiles

Grant information for ICT projects from
Canada's SchoolNet:

Job Aids:
Apple Works Slide Show
Sound Recorder
Sound Recorder Download
Adobe Photo Deluxe for scanning
Power Point for PC (created by Lauren Aslin)
Power Point for Mac (created by Lauren Aslin)

A User's Guide to Cooperative Learning - Cooperative Learning and Computers: An Activity Guide for Teachers

Great Teaching in the One Computer Classroom
David A. Dockterman, Ed.D.
Tom Synder Productions, Inc.

*Information and Communication Technologies


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