Creating a Professional Portfolio With Your Cycle Team

If you were to create a professional portfolio for your cycle team, brainstorm the items that would be included.

Consider the following:
  • Specialty training
  • Individual interests (strengths)
  • Work related experience
  • Involvement in special projects
Portfolio JigSaw

Use a critical eye. How can these be aligned to your classrooms' needs?

All: Portfolio Process, Organizing a portfolio Learning Environment, Learning Plan, Checklist (pages 1-3 top)

Team 1: Collection, Selection (pages 3-5 middle)
Team 2: Reflection, Evaluation, Classroom Organization (pages 5-8 top)
Team 3: Getting Started
Team 4: Package - "Thinking About My writing"
Team 5: Package - "Self Evaluation"

Portfolio Experiences

Share your portfolio experiences with your Cycle Teams.
How did you use them for evaluation?


Consider as a Cycle Team what you could do that will either initiate the Portfolio process, or if you have already launched it, something that you would like to see added with your students.

Prepare a letter to the parents.