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The EMSB RECIT Bulletin - May 2001

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Full Speed Ahead is a publication aimed at keeping teachers informed and up-to-date on new ways of integrating ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) into our schools.

What's New?



On June 4, a grade 4 class from Central Quebec will visit the Domaine Cataraqui. This is an historical site and exhibition center in Quebec city. Built in 1851, it has nine buildings to which the public usually does not have complete access. The class has been to the property during the winter to see inside the large house where they discovered a variety of artist 's work. This time they want to return to see the rest of the property. They would like to invite you to accompany them "virtually" by asking them questions which they will try to answer for you as they complete their tour.

They are looking for a cycle 2 or 3 class (Grades 4 to 6) who would send them questions along with "Flat Stanleys" which they will take with them on their trip. You will find a complete description of your role as "Virtual Traveller" on the project Web site at http://www.qesn.meq.gouv.qc.ca/cc/flatstan/index.htm

IMPORTANT: in order to join my class in this project, ****you must register**** using the on-line registration form on Flat Stanley's Field Trip project web site. http://www.qesn.meq.gouv.qc.ca/cc/flatstan/register.htm

For more information you can contact me at scossette@emsb.qc.ca and I will put you in touch with the teacher in question.


Thanks to the financial support of SchoolNet and the Association québécoise des utilisateurs de l'ordinateur au primaire et au secondaire (AQUOPS), the GrassRoots Program awards funds to schools for interactive learning projects using the Internet in the classroom.

You can receive grants of $300.00, for a classroom project, and up to $900.00 for a larger scale project. It is a very simple and short process to sign up. I highly encourage you to look into it.

To sign up or get more information on the GrassRoots Program go to the AQUOPS site.

AQUOPS - GrassRoots Program

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