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  • To recognize colors, numbers, and signs of changing seasons
  • To draw, color, create pictures of objects that relate to these 3 themes
  • To use imagination to draw the pictures
  • To work independently, as well as in team
  • To become familiar with words that accompany pictures


  • The project began with a review of the three themes that had been worked on all year: colors, numbers, and seasons.
  • The computer was used to reinforce the themes, as well as expose the children to projects that were already on the Web.
  • Each week, for 3 weeks, one of the themes was focused on.
  • Materials included markers and/or crayons, white paper, and books on the themes that were involved.
  • After general brainstorming with the whole class, children worked one-on-one with the teacher, or within a small group.
  • The topic was discussed and the child drew a picture to accompany the topic (e.g. for the color blue, the child decided what pictures to draw; if two children were working on this color, they each selected pictures to draw, so they wouldnít overlap).
  • Once the drawings were completed, the teacher demonstrated how to transcribe the word from the blackboard or chart paper, onto the child's own paper. The teacher wrote in the words for the section on colors, and then the children wrote in the words for the numbers and the seasons.
  • Finally, the children were shown how scanning works, in order for them to see how their work is transferred to the computer.




  • Teachers must be prepared so that the process moves smoothly from one child to the other.
  • Allot enough time for the entire project; if a child does not complete their picture in the designated time frame, it can be carried-over to the following day.
  • Ensure that the children have been exposed to a wide variety of visual stimuli before embarking on the project.
  • Have the other children work on a quieter activity so that the children working on these themes are not too distracted.




  • The completed works can be made into a booklet for the class, and each child can take it home on a different day to get feedback from the parents.
  • The children can present their work to the class, sharing their particular drawing, along with their own team's final project.
  • The children's drawings can be photocopied in black & white, and made into coloring sheets for the class.



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